Jamal and Somalis in Minnesota complain that investigation into missing men is not going fast enough

Update June 12th:  Unbelievable!  Somalis protest CAIR, tell them to butt out of federal investigation!

Ask CAIR what the hold-up is!

This is an update on the story we have been following this week that one of the missing Somali youths (former refugees) has been murdered in Somalia—possibly by his Muslim friends at the Islamic terror group al-Shabaab.

Meanwhile back in Minnesota, Somali mouthpiece Omar Jamal and relatives of the dead youth say the FBI isn’t moving fast enough to investigate how Burhan Hassan and maybe 20-40 other Somalis have left the US for terrorist training.

Family members and others in the community Monday expressed frustration with the slow pace of the FBI’s investigation into the missing men and vowed to continue pressing for answers.

“Our cause is not ended,” said Bihi. “Burhan is dead. We are going to continue. The death will energize us.”

Jamal added: “I hope the death of Burhan Hassan would lend a sense of urgency to the investigation.”

E.K. Wilson, a special agent with the Minneapolis FBI office, said he could not confirm Hassan’s death.

Maybe they could investigate if  the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) would get out of the way! I have written several times about how CAIR is blocking access to Somali students  and keeping them from speaking to FBI investigators.   Here is only the most recent post I wrote on the subject back in April, it’s entitled:  CAIR wants legal protection for students questioned by FBI!

This is the M.O. of grievance group, CAIR:  complain about how bad America is and how law enforcement is doing a lousy and discriminatory job while at the same time doing everything in its power (using our laws!) to slow down any attempt to get to the bottom of an investigation.  And, unfortunately, all too often we fall for it!

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