Comment worth noting: he was a defector, we shouldn’t bring his body here

This is a comment from reader Joeyindc in response to my post in which Omar ‘Jesse Jackson’ Jamal was demanding the body of former Somali refugee Birhan Hassan be returned to the US.

Sounds to me like this terrorist is already home. He went to the place he was loyal to, died for his cause which was to fight for the land he considered home. He should be given a hero’s funeral in Somolia by the people who encouraged him to go. We shouldn’t be worrying about finding a way to bring him here. This wasn’t his home. He didn’t consider it to be otherwise he wouldn’t be trying to undermine the U.S.

His family and associates should be investigated to see what is going on over here and weed out the bad apples and send them back home so that we don’t have to worry about this kind of crap all of the time. It isn’t always our duty to do for people just because some special interest group wants us to. If he was fighting for our country, then of course he would be brought home. This isn’t the case. He was a defector of the U.S. When he went to fight for another country like that, he made his choice. His family and community should be more understanding of our nation’s feelings about those who are given a chance at a better life on our dime, then throws it in our faces. We don’t want him back.

Good point.  I only wish our CIA could dig up his body and do a positive ID.  This could all be a staged event for some twisted reason.

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