Environmentalism and Immigration, what do they have in common?

The logical first response is one that jumps right out at you—too many immigrants will degrade the environment because there will be a need for more houses, more roads, more schools, more water, and the list goes on.  Groups, like the Center for Immigration Studies, have one report after another showing that nexus.

Then why aren’t the major environmental groups (Sierra Club, etc.) taking on the issue of population growth coming now in the US almost exclusively from immigration?  

I have said previously, I was an environmentalist in my naive youth (a lobbyists no less!)  However, I woke up very quickly to what environmentalism was all about when the preservationists working with the National Park Service tried to take my family’s farm—mine and my neighbors.   I couldn’t understand why the government needed our well-cared-for land and why we would be the villains for owning property.

After helping people, small farmers and landowners, across the country fight back against government (preservationist-backed) takings, the full import of what it all meant has only recently sunk in.   Reading Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” was an eye-opener and I suspect that when I read Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” more will become clear.   The elitist environmentalists/preservationists backed by big foundation money  just want to control us, to take our liberty.    They don’t care if I’m taking good care of my bit of the land, only that more private land come under government control (really their elitist control).   Those people behind the environmental groups today, the big funders, want control and understand that environmental regulation is a way to get it.

So how does my mind then link open borders and more refugees and immigrants to that?   The very same big players behind the environmental movement are behind the open borders movement as well, contrary to what one would think is the logic in my opening paragraph above.  They are following Alinsky’s playbook.  To bring about “change” one needs to produce “crisis” and “chaos” by fueling the war of the “have-nots” against the “haves.”    In America our “have-nots” were becoming fewer and fewer as they attained the middle class and became complacent.   No change and no revolution will occur if people are basically content with their lives.

So, as I said before, we now import the poor and angry.   The same big players behind the environmental movement are encouraging the creation of ethnic groups demanding their piece of the American pie and keeping people in constant turmoil.  Chaos (crisis) brings about change!   Change, as Obama and the big players mean it, is to take this country toward Socialism.  Although I need to throw in this caveat, Alinsky, an atheist, seemed to promote the idea that “change” was creativity itself, that it had intrinsic value to the “community organizer” even if it didn’t have a specific goal.

Enter the Tides Foundation.

Remember I told you about the Tides Foundation.  Glenn Beck has been unraveling their involvement with ACORN and the SEIU which I have written about on several previous occasions and how they are organizing immigrants.   Well, the Tides Foundation has been a huge funder of the environmentalists as well as pro-open borders and refugee groups, along with most other Leftwing causes.   Just go to their Form 990 I linked in the post above if you don’t believe me.

Someone the other day sent me the IRC report—the one we have been writing about—that says the Iraqi refugees are in crisis and the government needs to shell out more of our money for the refugees and the agencies that resettle them.  No one ever suggests slowing the flow of refugees.  The goal is to keep them poor and angry and in crisis.

On the opening page of that IRC report, I saw the connection.  There, among those on the IRC’s elite Iraqi crisis committee, was Drummond Pike— the king of the Liberal fascist funders, the money-launderer-in-chief.

So what puzzled me 20 years ago—why small private landowners were not encouraged and praised for their stewardship of land, or today why these refugee agencies and open borders groups are bringing so many people to America only to live in poverty—is clear.  It isn’t about care of the environment or the plight of the downtrodden, both are just pawns in the bigger game of changing our form of government and bringing us all under control of a few elitists who think only they have the brains to manage the rest of us—–the riff-raff!  It is aptly called liberal fascism.

Later clarification:  When I talk about environmentalism, I’m talking about radical top-down-control political and corporate environmentalism.   I am not referring to the average American who might consider him or herself an environmentalist cleaning up a local stream, enjoying feeding backyard birds, or otherwise wanting to protect their local environment.  The Tides Foundation is funding corporate/political environmentalism.

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