Malta Update: New US ambassador plans to follow ‘tea party Molly’s’ lead

Longtime readers will recall that ‘tea party Molly’ (I called her that before ‘tea party’ took on a whole new meaning!)  is the former ambassador to Malta who set in motion a new policy for refugee resettlement that could set a precedent and have far-reaching implications.  The tiny island nation of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea is continually besieged by boat loads of Africans originating in places like Libya (with the help of human traffickers) and landing on Malta’s shores.   Some of the Africans, including a large number of Somalis, are then transformed into “refugees” bound for the US.

Use our search function for Malta to review the issue which we have been covering for a couple of years.  

In an interview reported at Malta Today, the new Ambassador to Malta, Douglas Kmiec, appears ready to continue the same plan—sending some of Malta’s illegal aliens (surely a large number are economic migrants who wanted in to Europe) to the US as “refugees.”  See this post about how Frontex (EU border control agency) has warned Malta and the US that this—a free trip to America—is a “pull factor” for illegal immigrants.

Here is a portion of the Kmiec interview:

For the past years, the US has been one of the few nations to share Malta’s burden on immigration through resettlement programmes.

But haven’t US policies in Somalia, which included support for warlords and tacit support for an invasion by Ethiopia, contributed to the exodus of Somalis from the country, which directly affects Malta?

Kmiec is willing to admit that “some of our policies have increased the instability in the region… We introduced a level of instability which caused a portion of the population to migrate and that is not a good thing. We have to recognise that.”

But the problem of migration is larger than that. “People in Africa, whether from Somalia, Nigeria, Sudan or Eritrea, are seeking a better life for their families and an economic opportunity, a life where they are not threatened by violence and warlords…”

They are no different from Kmiec’s own grandfather, who migrated from Poland, and his wife’s Irish parents. “When these people come to our home and sit down telling us their story we may as well be listening to the stories of an American grandparent.”

[No, they are not your grandparents! Your grandparents got in a line to come legally, your grandparents were not potential jihadists and your grandparents did not come to the welfare state we have today.  They had to make it on their own with no ‘public assistance!”-ed]

African immigrants to the US often ask him what being an American means. “It starts with being yourself and sharing that self [what?]. I tell them when you go Minnesota, Arizona, Georgia and all the places where we resettled migrant families, do not hesitate to interact with the rest of the population.”

According to Kmiec, the primary motivation for re-settlement of migrants from Malta to the US is that of showing appreciation to Malta’s efforts to maintain the safety of migrants in the sea.

“One of the ways through which the USA has said thank you to Malta for this effort in behalf of the world, is to take some of these people.”

So, let me get this straight, the US was mucking around in Africa so we caused the “instability” in places like Somalia, and besides we (the US) want to thank Malta for rescuing these poor people from the sea?  Oh brother!

Please read Douglas Kmiec’s wikipedia page!  Wouldn’t you think that for all he did for Obama (Republicans for Obama and more!) he would have gotten a bigger country than Malta!  Although maybe the Obama Administration needed just this sort of guy to continue this policy of scooping up illegal immigrants bound for Europe and providing them with all the perks associated with Refugee Resettlement!

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