The tentacles always reach back to George Soros

I promise I’m not going to go into one of those long and twisted trails of who is connected to George Soros—just a short trail!  (Oops! Sorry it did get kinda long).   And, by the way, I haven’t forgotten that I am still going to post on Eric P. Schwartz, Asst. Secretary at the State Department and his connections to Soros, ConnectUSFund and the Progressives’ personal bank—the Tides Foundation.

First though watch this hilarious Youtube clip entitled “Scheisse! Der Fuehrer Finds Out About Massachusetts”  that is circulating on the internet where the Hitler character is generally understood to be George Soros and he is mad as hell at his boy Obama.  Here it is posted at one of my favorite blogs, New Zeal.

By the way, it is no longer some deep dark conspiracy theory that George Soros and his one-world cabal is pretty much in control of the Obama government, and that includes the tiny part of the government that opens our borders to third worlders under the guise of humanitarianism—the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department. 

The average American citizen, paying even the slightest bit of attention, knows it is the redistribution of wealth and the creation of one big happy borderless world run by the United Nations that motivates those in power now in Washington  This is no longer in the same whispered realm as black helicopters and tin-foil hats, it is out in the open for all to see.  People everywhere are waking up.

Note:  In this post, I am not talking about those refugee workers and volunteers throughout the system who believe they are doing good work for humanity and on a one to one basis they are doing just that.   What I am describing here is not about helping the individual human being (the refugee), what is happening involves pure political power, changing our government and using the world’s downtrodden as pawns in a trumped-up war against the ‘haves’.

That said,  we turn now to the Refugee resettlement program and the White House Task Force headed by Samantha Power at the National Security Council supposedly involved in reforming the program.  Incidentally, this should have been the State Department’s job!

So far they have just thrown more money to the resettlement contractors with promises of reform later.  I’ll bet too that those reforms won’t involve cutting the number of refugees entering the US even in the face of increasing unemployment as the great recession continues.   One-worlders, like Soros, know they must keep dragging the sytem down to bring about chaos and ultimately CHANGE.

Samantha Power and George Soros

A reader sent me this “Muckety” page for Ms. Power.  I have to admit I had never seen Muckety but it is lots of fun to use!   A couple of connections I’d like to direct your attention to are that she was previously a director of the International Rescue Committee (IRC), one of the richest of the Top Ten (now nine) federal contractors seeking more tax dollars, which as I said they got the other day.

[LOL! Muckety is a good name for the site because NGO’s like the IRC are out and about throughout the world mucking around in other countries’ affairs.  Funny how the FarLeft has no problem with them messing in the affairs of other countries, but just don’t let those evil neo-cons do it!]

The IRC is also one of the contractors under fire from critics who charge that they are not taking very good care of the refugees (including Iraqis!) that they resettle.  So, is Ms. Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein) and the task force in a position to reprimand and bring reform to their old cronies?   I doubt it, and oh, by the way, George Soros is connected to the IRC too.

Note at Muckety that Ms. Power was also a director of the International Crisis Group.  I told you about them here when they wrote a big report about how the Iraqi refugee issue was, what else, in crisis.  It is a George Soros organization.  Mr. Soros strategy is to create interconnected organizations so the general public gets the impression that there are many many groups promoting certain Progressive ideas, but it’s all the same small group of people.  Kind of picture him as the Wizard sitting behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz.  Remember Dorothy and friends thought he was going to be the all powerful one to solve their problems until they discovered only a weak old man behind that curtain.

An Appeal!

In this case, a power-hungry megalomaniac, but a weak old man nonetheless, George Soros, is sitting behind a curtain with a small clique of like-minded Progressive friends, hiding under a presumption of good intentions, and working to change our government from within each and every day.  To those of you inside the refugee agencies both in and out of government, I find it hard to imagine that  all of you agree with what is happening.   For the sake of the Republic and for the sake of the immigrants being used as political pawns, please speak up!

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Best month ever at RRW!

We had an unbelievable month at Refugee Resettlement Watch for the first month of 2010.  I don’t know what is going on but our readership is booming!  It used to be that we had good numbers during the week (LOL! when government workers were at their desks is my guess), but even weekends are seeing a large number of visitors.

Now compared to big political blogs our numbers are small (growing every month),  but since our focus is pretty narrow we don’t expect tens of thousands every day, so we are overjoyed with a readership that averages over 1000 every day.

Thanks for visiting!  Please come back!

Omar Hammami, Alabama boy turned Shabab leader in Somalia

The Jihadist Next Door is the title the New York Times magazine gives to a long article by Andrea Elliott about a seemingly normal young man from Alabama named Omar Hammami who gradually became a radical Muslim. He went to Somalia, became a leader, and now puts out propaganda videos to recruit others to his cause under the name Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki. Ann has posted on him many times.

Unlike the Somalis from Minnesota who answered the call to jihad, Omar Hammami was thoroughly American. His father came to the U.S. from Syria in 1972 and his mother is a native Alabaman, a Christian who raised her children as Christians, though the father continued to practice Islam. Omar was gifted, popular, and funny, a natural leader with an energetic, magnetic personality and a beautiful girlfriend.

During the summer before his sophomore year he visited his father’s family in Damascus, and the trip made a lasting impression. Gradually over the next couple of years he became a Muslim, and even persuaded some other students to explore Islam; at least one converted. He got permission to pray in school; he swore at a longtime teacher he liked because she was Jewish; he tried to choke a student who interrupted him as he was reciting the Koran. He even defended Osama bin Laden in class — before 9/11 but after the 1998 bombings of U.S. Embassies in Africa, for which bin Laden claimed responsibility.

In college he attended mosque, and he became president of “the fledgling Muslim Student Association.” If the writer had looked into the MSA, at Discover the Networks for instance, she would have learned that it was established by the Muslim Brotherhood and “was named in a May 1991 Muslim Brotherhood memorandum as one of the Brotherhood’s likeminded ‘organizations of our friends’ who shared the common goal of destroying America and turning it into a Muslim nation.”  Not a casual group of Muslim students, in other words. A few years later he had become a full-fledged jihadist.

In the three years since Hammami made his way to Somalia, his ascent into the Shabab’s leadership has put him in a class of his own, according to United States law-enforcement and intelligence officials. While other American terror suspects have drawn greater publicity, Hammami exercises a more powerful role, commanding guerrilla forces in the field, organizing attacks and plotting strategy with Qaeda operatives, the officials said. He has also emerged as something of a jihadist icon, starring in a recruitment campaign that has helped draw hundreds of foreign fighters to Somalia. “To have an American citizen that has risen to this kind of a rank in a terrorist organization ­— we have not seen that before,” a senior American law-enforcement official said earlier this month.

The article is excruciatingly long, as NYT Magazine articles tend to be, but if you stick with it, you get a pretty good account of Omar’s radicalization at a personal level. The emphasis is on his personal journey, the path that led him deeper and deeper into radical Islam, with some suggestions about what motivated him psychologically. On the other hand, you come up almost empty if you’re looking for the pressures to radicalize that face Muslims in America today, and the reasons the number of homegrown terrorists is increasing.  

America is now at a watershed. In the last year, at least two dozen men in the United States have been charged with terrorism-related offenses. They include Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan immigrant driver in Denver who authorities say was conspiring to carry out a domestic attack; David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American from Chicago who is suspected of helping plan the 2008 attacks in Mumbai; and the five young men from Virginia who, authorities say, sought training in Pakistan to fight American soldiers in Afghanistan.

These cases have sent intelligence analysts scurrying for answers. The American suspects come from different backgrounds and socioeconomic strata, but they share much in common with Europe’s militants: they tend to be highly motivated, even gifted people who were reared in the West with one foot in the Muslim world. Others may see them as rigid or zealous, but they envision themselves as deeply principled, possessing what Robert Pape, a professor at the University of Chicago, calls “an altruism gone wildly wrong.” While their religious piety varies, they are most often bonded by a politically driven anger that has deepened as America’s war against terrorism endures its ninth year.

I don’t believe in “politically driven” anger.  There’s anger, and then there are reasons to latch onto to justify the anger. Or there is energy and ambition, and there is a cause that can make use of the energy and fulfill the ambition.The political cause is a rationalization, in other words. Here’s my take, for what it’s worth, and very briefly:

It was not family influence that made a jihadist of Omar Hammami. His Muslim father was of the generation that came here for economic opportunity. Already from an educated family in Syria, he came to Alabama to go to college, and assimilated well enough that he married a Christian woman, agreed that she didn’t have to convert, and seemed to have no problem that she was raising the children in a Christian church. He seems bewildered and upset about his son. Here as in Europe, it is the next generation that is producing jihadists. What is different?

One difference is that now there is an open jihad. That’s exciting to young men who are looking for excitement and a way to use their energy and talents. It has had some successes, so joining it seems like a possible career with a future. Or if one’s future is cut short, there is glory aplenty.

Leading up to the jihad are two developments that work together to give young Muslim men a motive to join it. One is that American mosques are filled with propaganda from Saudi Arabia, pushing them into a more radical form of Islam. The curriculum of Islamic schools is filled with such propaganda — anti-American, anti-Jewish, anti-Christian in the most vicious way. Omar Hammami did not become interested in politics and jihad until after he went to college, where there were both a mosque and the Muslim Students Association to help him along the way. (Not that every mosque is radical, but the number that are is huge.) There was also a Muslim convert who taught him Salafism. Salafi is a movement back to the fundamentals of Islam. (Giving you a good idea of the reporter’s orientation, the article quotes a Princeton professor: “They remind me a lot of Scalia in their approach to texts.”) Originally Salafi was not related to violence, and in fact prescribed staying away from worldly concerns. In the U.S. especially it is often associated with jihadism. Omar’s mentor did not promote violence, but Omar gradually decided that Salafism was consonant with violent jihad. He encountered many other influences which the reporter doesn’t investigate. It’s clear that anyone who becomes interested in jihad will find countless web sites, YouTube videos, and organizations that will help him along. This reporter wanted to concentrate on Omar’s personal story, which is fine, but I’d like to see the New York Times give some emphasis to this side of jihad recruitment.

The other development is that there is very little in a young person’s education nowadays to give him much meaning. All teenagers are searching for meaning in their lives — all people are, in fact, but especially young people. Yet children in the public schools are taught throughout their schooling that our country isn’t much good, we are oppressors and are destroying the environment and making a world that won’t be any good in the future. Boys are discouraged from acting like boys and encouraged to squelch their natural impulses to fight and to develop their physical skills (unless they are athletes). What is there to get excited about? Not joining the armed forces and defending your country. Unless there is motivation from your family, why should you? And if you do, you’ve got to put up with a bunch of girls and pretend they’re just as good physically as you are. Not the kind of thing to attract idealistic boys if there’s an alternative being waved in front of your face.

This second point is something the reporter could have dealt with in her context of Omar’s story. She sort of hints at it, but I think it is something she can’t recognize. The culture in which she swims thoroughly approves of the radicalization of school curricula and the feminization of America’s institutions including the military. The dark side of these things is not something she would easily recognize. I wonder if any of the intelligence analysts searching for the roots of homegrown jihadism recognize it.

Jihad Watch has a post on the article, with more excerpts and less commentary than this one, if you want to get more of the content without having to wade through the whole article.

Comment worth noting: Reader says many Somalis are economic migrants not true refugees

Last night we had a comment from Ibrahim Omar commenting on the post from a few days ago where we reported that up to possibly 13,000 additional Somali “refugees” were in the pipeline to come to the US this year.  Here is what Mr. Omar said:

most Somalis in the list of us resettlement are not genuine asylum seekers but are economical refugees why do i say that, well half of them are Kenyan citizen taking advantage of the screening officers ignorance of differentiating Somalis and Kenyan Somali if need be i can. pin point for those who are among them thank you

Readers should know that “economic migrants” are NOT “refugees” according to the United Nations (and the US) which defines refugees (and asylum seekers) as those fearing persecution in their homeland.   In light of the fraud uncovered in 2008 regarding Somali family reunification, the only responsible thing for the State Department to do is to follow-up on Mr. Omar’s charge.

State Department, e-mail me at and I’ll put you in touch with Mr. Omar who has offered his services to help you sort it out.