Elaborate cross border tunnel discovered in San Diego

I’m posting this story quickly now just to save it for my San Diego collection.  Recently we reported that Somali “community” leaders in that city have been charged with suspected terrorism activity.  So, if tons of marijuana is being moved under the border from Mexico to California in ventilated tunnels—how about illegal aliens as well!

From CBS News last week:

U.S. and Mexican authorities combined to seize nearly 30 tons of marijuana at the California border, uncovering an elaborate 600-yard underground tunnel connecting warehouses on either side of the border, officials said Wednesday.


They also found the opening to the tunnel, which ran the length of six football fields under the border and ended at a warehouse in Mexico, Morton said. The tunnel had lighting, ventilation and a rail system to send loads of illegal drugs into California.

Approximately 4 additional tons of pot were found in the warehouse on the Mexican side of the border.


Officials have found 125 underground tunnels along the border built by Mexican drug cartels to elude detection since the early 1990s, ICE officials said. Of those, 75 have been found in the past four years. Many were discovered before they were completed. The majority were found along the California and Arizona borders with Mexico.

One-worlder and Soros puppet, Eric Schwartz, speaks to the Council on Foreign Relations

His topic of course is international migration.   Schwartz for those who don’t know is the Assistant Secretary of State for Population, Refugees and Migration and was appointed to that position by President Obama.  He oversees the Refugee Resettlement Program and is, as we have noted before, one of the many George Soros puppets spread throughout the government.  See herehere, and here.

Coincidentally last night, Glenn Beck began his series of investigative reports on George Soros.  See here Beck’s initial research on the man he calls the puppet master with the implication that Soros also controls the Obama Presidency.

Albeit only a tiny portion of the strategy, the refugee program is an ideal place from which to work on a one-world government scheme all the while hiding behind a humanitarian smoke screen. [Note to readers, I am not talking about the lower level staff people and volunteers who are motivated by a wish to help the less fortunate of the world.  I am talking about the driving force behind leaders like Soros and Schwartz.]

So here is Schwartz’s speech on international migration on Monday entitled, ‘Respecting the Dignity and Human Rights of People on the Move: International Migration Policy for the 21st Century.’  I probably could find something to say about every line, but here are a few points that jumped out.

Just for a feel of what is to come, here is an opening paragraph:

The starting points for a discussion of common principles and policies are our own history, perspectives and posture. Migration has played – and continues to play — a critical role in our national experience. Of more than 200 million people who are outside the country of their birth today, one in five resides in the United States. President Obama has said that “the steady stream of hardworking and talented people” who have immigrated to the United States over the years “has made the United States the engine of the global economy and a beacon of hope around the world.” And this perspective is hardly unique among our political leaders, past and present. Former President George W. Bush expressed a similar view, when he said that “[e]very generation of immigrants has reaffirmed the wisdom of remaining open to the talents and dreams of the world,” and added that “[o]ne of the primary reasons America became a great power in the 20th century is because we welcomed the talent and the character and the patriotism of immigrant families.”

Did you happen to hear George Bush on Rush Limbaugh yesterday?  Rush asked what he was thinking to back that Amnesty bill in 2008.  Former President Bush said he was persuaded that we couldn’t economically advance without a ready supply of cheap immigrant labor.  He probably didn’t say cheap but that is what he meant!  So much for humanitarianism.


In 2000, immigrant business owners generated an estimated $67 billion of the $577 billion in U.S. business income.

I laughed, do you think he means those immigrant run convenience stores doing the food stamp scams I’ve been writing about (like the one this morning)?  Or how about those immigrant run home health care businesses that have been ripping off medicare and medicaid?


Immigration has also helped the United States avoid many of the very troubling demographic trends that bedevil other industrialized countries less hospitable to immigrants. As populations age, birth rates decline and the revenue streams needed to sustain social security programs shrink, new entrants and their families have played a critical role in helping the United States to sustain our capacity to maintain social programs.

Sustain our capacity to maintain social programs!  What is he talking about?  He thinks that immigrants add to social programs when leading economists believe that new immigrants take more from welfare programs then they return to the economy.  Looks like its the redistribution of wealth that appeals to Schwartz.

And speaking of redistributing wealth, Schwartz actually believes that the millions of dollars of remittances immigrants send out of the US each year is a positive thing:

Our immigration policies have also had financial benefits to communities around the world, even as they have bound us more closely to those communities. In 2008, immigrant remittances from the United States amounted to $96.8 billion, representing nearly 30% of the total $336 billion in remittances worldwide.

I’m too bored with Schwartz of the silver tongue to go on, but you get the drift.  Read the speech.

Photos and names available of arrested Somali sex traffickers

I was working on other posts this morning in the vain hope that I could get some other things posted unrelated to Somalis, but when I got this link (thanks to reader Lynn) just now with photos and names of the Somali perps I figured I better post it right away.   See our original post when the story first broke here.

From TwinCities.com.  Perhaps the most disgusting aspect of the story is that three Muslim women were involved in the recruitment of the girls as “sex slaves” to “service” men.  What happened to that oft-repeated canard that Muslims revere women?

When a 15-year-old girl had a disagreement with her mother, a woman just three years older offered to care for her.

The woman, a gang member, would give her a place to stay and food. But there was a catch.

The 15-year-old had to have sex for money or other items of value, according to a federal indictment unsealed Monday.

The teen, referred to as Jane Doe Three in the indictment, was one of the underage girls allegedly trafficked by three Somali gangs between the Twin Cities; Columbus, Ohio; and Nashville, Tenn. Twenty-nine people, including three women, were charged.

It’s not unusual for older females to recruit, lure or “groom” younger females into commercial sex exploitation, said Heather Caillier, marketing and development manager of the St. Paul-based nonprofit Breaking Free.

“This happens in mainstream culture but also worldwide,” Caillier said. “Girls who have been victimized turn to recruitment to put themselves in a better position (with the pimps) as well as do less of the servicing.”


Three gangs are based in Minneapolis and connected with each other — the Somali Outlaws, Somali Mafia and Lady Outlaws.

One intention of the gangs “is to identify, recruit and obtain females who are under the age of 14 years and under the age of 18 years, to participate in commercial sex acts in exchange for money and other items,” the indictment said. They “use … abuse, threats, force and coercion.

Be sure to check out the photos—most of those arrested sure look like Somalis to me!  Our ever-present Allahsoldier tried to tell us the other day that they weren’t Somalis.

Then speaking of the ever-present, at the end of the article we see mention that Omar Jamal dashed back out to Minnesota from his perch at the United Nations to spin the story that ‘gosh what a surprise this was to the Somali “community.”‘   That is funny because I saw one news account where he said the “community” knew it was happening and was in open denial.  Read more about the Somali Jesse Jackson, here, yesterday.

Omar Jamal, first secretary to Somalia’s ambassador to the United Nations, was in the Minneapolis court Monday and said he had talked to relatives of four of the people charged. They “were completely in disbelief,” he said. “That doesn’t mean nothing happened, but … engaging in sex trafficking with a minor is a new trend, a new kind of crime they hadn’t been aware of.”

Next we can expect CAIR on the scene to tell the world it was all a big set-up to “get” Muslims.

Kingston, NY: More immigrants nabbed in food stamp fraud bust

I’m guessing they are Indians this time.   Longtime readers know that this type of food stamp fraud appears to be rampant throughout the US where immigrants run ‘mom and pop’ convenience stores.  This is not little stuff like buying goods that aren’t allowed on food stamps, these are generally busts involving hundreds of thousands in taxpayer dollars when card holders are given cash at 50 cents on the dollar by the store clerk.  The scammers then submit the full dollar for reimbursement from you—the taxpayer.

From Mid Hudson News:

KINGSTON – Two men are under arrest, charged in connection with a 10 month investigation into fraud and potential money laundering, Ulster County District Attorney Holley Carnright said Tuesday. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen from state taxpayers through the operation, it is alleged.

Kuldeep Singh and Surinder Kumar have been charged have been charged with grand larceny in the fourth degree, felony misuse of food stamps, falsifying business records in the first degree and scheme to defraud in the first degree.

The charges allege the men, along with another individual, Kanwarjit Sing, have been operating an extensive food stamp fraud and unregistered money service business out of the Sunoco Convenient Mart on Broadway in the City of Kingston.

Kingston Police officers conducted a sting operation with undercover officers using food stamp cards to purchase alcoholic beverages, gasoline, cigarettes and in exchange for money.

For each transaction, the men would skim 50 percent profit, which would be reimbursed by the state.

For more details, visit Mid Hudson News.

I suspect the E-2 Treaty Investor program should be investigated as the source for all the convenience stores owned by immigrants, as I have mentioned many times previously.  If you have a little seed money to invest you can get into the US from certain countries, buy a convenience store and start the money factory for oneself.

For the dozens of locations in the US where we have observed this form of fraud, use our search function for ‘food stamp fraud’ and it will return pages of posts on the scam—-all virtually set up the same way.