Temporary Protected Status extended for Somalis

This is a little notice I missed when it came out on Election day, November 2nd.  Makes you wonder if it was planned on a day when NO ONE would be paying attention.

Homeland Security grants extension of Temporary Protected Status for Somalis.

This Notice announces that the Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) has extended the designation of Somalia for temporary protected status (TPS) for 18 months, from its current expiration date of March 17, 2011 through September 17, 2012. The Secretary has determined that an 18-month extension is warranted because conditions in Somalia prompting the TPS designation continue to be met. Armed conflict in Somalia is ongoing and, due to such conflict and other extraordinary and temporary conditions, requiring the return of eligible individuals with TPS to Somalia would pose a serious threat to their personal safety.

We discussed Temporary Protected Status extensively here  (one of many posts)when Haitians were granted this category of protection and we discussed it here (again one of many posts) when Liberians who had previously been given this privilege sought to extend it and succeeded (Obama extended TPS for Liberia).

The gist of it is—if a Somali gets in here illegally, or some Somali already here gets a deportation order they cannot be deported to Somalia.  They can stay and work in the US.  Roy Beck of NumbersUSA says essentially forever.

Maybe this is finally my answer as to why Omar Jamal (representing Somalia at the UN right now) was never deported after his 2005 conviction on immigration fraud.

Comment worth noting: Britain gone wild with Somalis

Readers, this is a comment from a reader to my previous post that is worth posting separately (prominently!) so you don’t miss it.

DP111 says:

Britain has allowed in over 300,000 Somalis, some 95% living on Welfare.

Even by East African standards, Somalis are “different”. Somali society is essentially a clan based nomadic society, with highway robbery playing a pivotal role in Somali economy – if one can call it that. Most travellers to that part of the world have written of the contempt and hostility of other East Africans, such as Kenyans and Ethiopians, for Somalis.

So we have, in the Great Multicultural Sweepstakes, imported hundreds of thousands of Somalis into Europe/West, without bothering to find out if they were even remotely capable of adjusting to civilisation?.

As Somalia deteriorated from nothing to below nothing, even highway robbers could not make a living in Somalia. So they have taken up piracy or fled to the West, which, in its unbounded idiocy has accepted these people. Look forward to violent robbery, and other cultural delights.

For Somalis, Britain is paradise – apart from free everything, they can practice their culture without being bothered by the police, as the police in Britain do not “do” robbery or burglary. They simply issue you with a crime number for insurance purposes.

Then we have this

Somali asylum seeker family given £2m house… after complaining 5-bed London home was ‘in poor area’


In “All the trouble in the world”, 1994, P. J. O’Rourke, has a complete chapter on Somalia, and its well worth reading.

The general consensus of the marines deployed in Somalia at the time was to give Somalis more weapons and ammunition, and seal the borders.