Somali alleged sex-traffickers want out of custody…

…..but then there is the Nashville connection.

A Minnesota judge began sorting through the 29 indicted sex-traffickers in Minnesota this week according to Minnesota Public Radio:

St. Paul, Minn. — More defendants indicted this week in an alleged multi-state sex-trafficking ring appeared in court Wednesday for detention hearings in Minneapolis. Magistrate judge Franklin Noel ruled that three defendants should remain in federal custody until they face charges in Nashville.

The indictment says the ring, run by Minneapolis-based Somali gangs, prostituted underage girls in Minnesota, Tennessee and Columbus, Ohio.

Judge Noel ruled one defendant, Andrew Kayachith, should be released on a $25,000 bond to the care of his parents. The judge also ruled Wednesday that another defendant, Abdullahi Afyare, should be released, and had earlier ruled that Bibi Said, who is eight months pregnant, should be allowed to remain free on bond until her Friday detention hearing.

But District Judge William Haynes in Tennessee issued orders blocking the release of Kayachith and Afyare, which may mean the two young men are soon back in custody.

Tennessee legal system involved

Yes, I guess this is going to involve the legal system in several states, so I thought I would check out what they are saying at the pro-Muslim immigrant Tennessean

Readers, it’s a long and convoluted tale—-but the bottomline is that the Tennessean has for years been coddling (mollycoddling!) the refugee population including the large Somali population in the city.  It’s been a ‘hear no evil, see no evil’ approach.  Anyone questioning such things as the federal grant scam in 2007 with the local Somali advocacy center there is labeled a racist—same old story.  If you use our search function for Nashville you will see what I mean.  Here is one post from last year to get you started—more huff and fluff from the Tennessean.

Only last month the Tennessean published what can only be called a ‘hit piece’ on the nationally known and well-respected Investigative Project on Terrorism, here.  Readers should know that there is a large and active counter-jihad grassroots movement in the Nashville area.

But, it looks like even the Tennessean has to tell the unvarnished truth once in awhile!  From a story earlier this week:

Several of the charges stem from activity in South Nashville apartments and hotels, where girls were offered for money, drugs and liquor.

Federal prosecutors said some of the gang members lived in Nashville and others had family ties here.

All but one of the 29 were refugees or immigrants. One man was born in the United States, and 26 were born in Somalia. One person each was born in Kenya and Ethiopia. All were legally in the country, prosecutors said.

So much for Allahsoldier’s taqiyya (here) in a comment that these alleged gangs were made up of “dijboutians!”

Arrested were NOT Somalis but djiboutians

Question for Catholic Charities that runs the refugee program in the state of Tennessee, any of these gang members yours?  At the time of the writing of this post in 2009, we didn’t yet know that the whole program in Tennessee had been turned over to a federally-funded non-profit group (Catholic Charities) and the state of Tennesee had been cut out of any role by the US State Department.