State Department Data Not Showing Large Increase in Refugees (yet!)

I’ve seen a couple of news reports lately mentioning that Joe Biden’s refugee numbers are picking up. But, will he admit 62,500 by September 30th?

So, I checked the little bit of data still available at the Refugee Processing Center and see that as of April 30th, he isn’t even up to Trump levels for Fiscal year 2021 (FY21 ends on September 30th, 4 and 1/2 months from now).

For new readers, the Refugee Processing Center, until the Fall of 2020, provided a treasure trove of information about refugees arriving in the US.

However, for some reason the Trump Administration took down most of the database and we are left with only scanty information that you can find on this page.

You can see how many refugees came from which countries and went to your state, but only for this fiscal year and only up until the end of the previous month.

We have admitted 2,334 refugees in the regular program from October 1, 2020 to April 30, 2021.

Top ‘welcoming’ states are:  California (355), Washington (210), Texas (186), New York (154) and North Carolina (100).

But, that doesn’t tell the whole story!

Afghans are coming in large numbers!

We admitted another 2,237 Special Immigrant Visa holders from Afghanistan (a few from Iraq are included in that number)!

That huge number includes a large percentage of dependents who are all treated to the same resettlement benefits regular refugees receive, and are “clients” of the nine federal refugee contractors.

Top Afghan SIV ‘welcoming’ states are California (828), Texas (484), Virginia (270), Washington (143) and Maryland (73).

Have a look at the monthly columns and see that the Trump Administration brought in higher numbers than Biden is admitting so far.

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4 thoughts on “State Department Data Not Showing Large Increase in Refugees (yet!)

  1. Ann, just to let you know….illegal families are now showing up in Collierville, TN, roaming around Walmart and speaking Spanish. I saw Mothers with their kids…didn’t see any fathers.
    Collierville is in Shelby county. Apparently they are being spotted in Madison County where Nashville is.

    1. Thanks Carol, I guess it is going to be a common scene everywhere. BTW, a few years ago it was at Walmart where refugees were being first noticed by townspeople. We think that they are being given Walmart ‘gift’ cards by some group, or maybe even the government.

  2. This is going to sound racist to your leftist readers even though Afghans are not a RACE. These refugees from Afghanistan and Iraq are all muslim who do not assimilate into the US. They killed all the christians there. So we will be getting many more like Ilhan Omar and others less political but who hate America ( they were raised to hate the western values). They will push for Sharia. This new database does not show how many are coming to your towns only the state. So it will be hard to protest locally if we don’t have the data on who and from where. Thank you Ann for writing this blog and allowing me to express my frustrations.

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