Taxpayer Funded Refugee Resettlement Contractors Doing Well even with Trump in the White House

When President Trump arrived in the Oval Office I had a lot of hope that the new Administration would begin to turn off the funding for the nine federal resettlement agencies that have been for decades monopolizing all refugee placement in the US.

But, alas, even as refugee numbers have plummeted, the contractors are still sucking down millions of federal dollars each month, in most cases on par with what they were getting during the Obama years.

And, as they complain that they have had to close offices and fire staff they are still doing well (Ha! By doing good?) and will be well-positioned to ramp-up as soon as the Dems regain the White House (whenever that is!).

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has already signaled he wants over 100,000 refugees admitted each year (a figure Obama never achieved).

Of course, it isn’t all on Trump, Congress is a major player and there is no will there to slow or reform the refugee program. Oh, some do want to ‘reform’— by expanding it!

For the umpteenth time, the flawed structure of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program has not been reformed one significant bit in the last 3 years.

What are these ‘charities’ doing with all this money?

Using data at ,*** I’ve gathered in one place the federal payout to the nine federal refugee grantees/contractors which, as I said, have monopolized all refugee resettlement in America for decades.


When looking at the screenshots below, for relative comparison of the size of the ‘non-profits,’ that number in the left hand corner is useful. It is what they received in the last twelve months from the US Treasury—the US taxpayer.

Know that FY2008 was Bush’s last year and that FY2016 was Obama’s last year in office.

Church World Service


That $45 million is what they received in the last 12 months from you, involuntarily via the US Treasury.
2008 was a Bush year. And for FY2020 remember we are only 7 months into the fiscal year which ends on September 30th.


Ethiopian Community Development Council


Don’t ask me why they show no federal funding for those previous years, they have been around for a long time.


Episcopal Migration Ministries

(This one is tricky because they have another name!)


HIAS (aka Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)


Notice that HIAS has had its best year in over a decade during the Trump Administration.


International Rescue Committee


There were additional transactions for the IRC under different duns numbers.
They are down a little under Trump, but they are up more than double what they were getting under Bush!


U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants



Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service



United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

(By the way, in addition to the monies here mostly for the refugee program, the Bishops received a whopping $400 million for Catholic Relief Services.)


The Bishops have taken a significant drop in funding since their top Obama year.


World Relief Corporation




So what are the contractors whining about, they are all still better off now than they were ten years ago.  And, they are positioned well to expand when the Dems retake the White House.

This post is filed in two categories:  Where to find information and Knowledge is Power.

*** is a relatively new undertaking of the US government that creates transparency for all of us and it was created in the Obama Administration.

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4 thoughts on “Taxpayer Funded Refugee Resettlement Contractors Doing Well even with Trump in the White House

  1. “wants over 100,000 refugees admitted each year (a figure Obama never achieved).” Not true. ObamaFraud was flying in illegala. all muslim. secretly at night using retrofitted UPS Cargo Planes and other Pilot services. These Illegals were met by NGO staff, given social security numbers, green cards, money, a bus ticket to go anywhere they had a relative or Muslim Community. Many of these illegals were encouraged to claim to be in pain and then were put on social security disability. Look for Whistleblower Jill Noble’s videos on YouTube.

    1. There may have been illegals, but the numbers I use here are only the legally admitted refugees that are tracked by the Refugee Processing Center.

  2. It pains me to say this, but it’s truly sick and foul how little Trump has done in certain crucial areas, which has become highlighted in recent weeks by his utter failure to stoutly proclaim (beyond a few verbal mentions) the dangerous perfidy, aggression and evil of the Chinese regime, which has all but declared war on us with this “accidental” (?) bio-attack. He’s also done diddly-squat on E-Verify, H1-B visas, visa overstays, the visa lottery, Sanctuary Cities and protecting American workers vs giving corporations all the cheap foreign labor they want. But of course he’s so many light years better than the DemonRats we’re unable to complain.

    As for the graphs you show, it’s obvious the fattest, more repugnant tick sucking the life out of the dog (that’s us) is the International Rescue Committee. A tick so big and greasy and obese ($240 million!) it has its OWN tick, the repellent David Millibrand, who takes ONE MILLION of that home every year!!

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