Germany: Pre-Christmas anti-Islam rally brings out 17,500 protesters

Invasion of Europe update….

Dresden demonstrators hold a cross painted in colors of the German flag. Reuters photo.


This is news from earlier in the week that we didn’t get to before Christmas.

From the Daily Sabah:

Germany witnessed the largest anti-Muslim demonstration on Monday night with up to 17,500 people reportedly attending protests in the eastern German city of Dresden while chanting anti-immigration and anti-Islamic slogans.

In the face of widespread hatred toward Muslims in German society, some German politicians and religious leaders have condemned the protests, which are being organized by the Dresden-based right-wing group Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEDIGA), a group that holds anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant views. In response to the growing anti-Islamic feeling, counter-demonstrators also marched through the streets of Dresden to support immigration policies.


Peace and solidarity within German society has deteriorated over the last couple of weeks. Far-right anti-Muslim groups have become more prominent in Germany with more people starting to consider Islam a threat to their society. With the majority of Germans supporting anti-Muslim rhetoric and anti-immigration policies, according to a poll, more people have started to consider Islam a threat to their society.

In the face of the growing number of refugees and asylum seekers seeking shelter in Germany and the threat posed by the radical militant group the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS), the majority of Germans have been fueling anti-immigration sentiment while calling for more restrictive immigration policies.

The article mentions that the German equivalent of the Chamber of Commerce is looking for more (cheap) foreign workers (sound familiar!).

The number of refugees entering Germany may rise next year to 200,000, said the German Office for Migration and Refugees, DPA reported.

See our entire archive on the growing strife in Germany.  Any guesses—civil war coming?

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