Tuesday catchall: hot news, reading your mail, answering your questions and thanking you

I’m just going to have to take a breather (from posting) today and maybe even tomorrow.
There is so much hot news on refugees, as well as the election news that will have an impact on whether we continue to fling open America’s gates to the third world that I have been trying to keep up with that I am woefully behind in answering your mail (both here and mail sent to my post office box).  I’ll be working on that today.
But, to lighten my load going forward, here are some things you can do on your own to learn more about the US Refugee Admissions Program and what it means for your town and for our country.

For new readers who need to know and longtime readers who once knew (but maybe have forgotten)!

(Tip for new readers, if you come back here everyday, have patience, you will eventually catch up because I try really hard to link back to previous material.)
~Check our Frequently asked Questions under our banner above. You will find links there for doing research on your own.
~Use our search window by using a few key words (this wordpress search function is really very good).  We have almost 8,000 posts archived there so surely you will find some things you need.
~Serious students of the US Refugee Admissions Program should learn how to use the US State Department data base located at the Refugee Processing Center to see who (and how many) have been placed in your city/state. Click here. It takes a little practice, but you can do it.
~I have a facebook page with over 31,000 likes, click here, you might want to follow news there because a friend posts things other than my posts. I post a few of what I think are my best posts.
~A commenter liked my list of Republican traitors to Trump and asked how to further check out one’s own representatives.  I recommend checking scores at NumbersUSA and at Conservative Review’s Liberty Scorecard.
~Get a twitter account (even if you only go there to read news). The hottest news anywhere is at twitter if you pick the right people to follow. I tweet news throughout the day on immigration, refugees and the election.  Facebook might be equally good, but I have never been much of a facebooker (in case you wonder why I rarely respond there). On twitter, I am @refugeewatcher.
~I follow the Drudge Report on and off all day and you should too.  He has been covering a lot of refugee related news. (So thanks for sending me news, but if it is on Drudge, I’ve likely seen it).
~You should regularly follow: Leo Hohmann at World Net Daily, Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart, Daniel Horowitz at Conservative Review and Daniel Greenfield at Frontpage Magazine who all write regularly on the refugee issue. Go to Blue Ridge Forum where my friend Richard has the best blogroll (for issues that concern us directly here at RRW). It is one-stop shopping for links to all of these writers and more.  (My blogroll is out of date).

~Set google alerts for topics of interest. You might, for example, set one for your state and the word refugees and everyday news (story links) on that topic shows up in your inbox.
~And, one last thing. I am going to post a select few testimonies some of you sent to Senator Sessions last week. The first one is here.  Write to me today at refugeewatcher@gmail.com and send me yours’ to review. I will be spending time today at that e-mail account trying to get caught up.
Enough of that…..


Here is some hot refugee-related news….

Tip of the iceberg this morning! These are some of the important stories that I want you to see, but have no time to post (I’m going to add to the list during the day, so please come back later):
The Syrian Refugee Resettlement Is Being Done in Secret

New U.N. chief abandoned Mideast Christians to ISIS

Refugee Resettlement Program Scam the Public

Trump takes swing at debate question over Islamists’ strategy

Refugee Resettlement: City of Fargo trying to find out the costs

US preparing to emulate Canada’s private refugee-sponsor system

More coming…..

(new) Charleston, West Virginia the latest small city secretly targeted to receive refugees