News Round-up for Wednesday, October 12, 2016

See my post yesterday, as I continue to work to clear off my desk….
Here are some news stories I’m seeing this morning (click on headline to open story):
Trump campaign CEO wanted to destroy Speaker Ryan (why? Ryan is open-borders etc)
Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton, Jordan can’t vet refugees from Syria, Jihadists coming in
ND gubernatorial candidate, possible lawsuit over refugees not his top priority
Political outreach to minorities (read Somalis) intensifies in rural Minnesota as demography changes
Fargo, ND: refugee resettlement addressed again at city commission meeting this past Monday
US State Department ‘answers’ questions about refugee plan for Bloomington, IN
Wikileaks: List of reporters taking orders from Hillary campaign
(new) Germany to tighten rules that now allow failed asylum seekers to stay (too little, too late?)
(new) Watch out Watertown, NY, they are going to try to put refugees there! Not being truthful about Utica.
More later…..