Here comes the truth! Do-gooder refugee agencies fear job losses—theirs!

Update February 4th: Now the big boys (top nine refugee contractors) are wailing and moaning, see here.
I am just being flooded both from readers and from my alerts with articles expressing concern for refugees (you know those emotional stories they were promoting in the conference call earlier in the week), but many articles make it clear that the refugee agencies—the federal contractors—are worried about THEIR pocketbooks too.

Where is Congress? This whole refugee contractor system must be trashed! These per head payments to federal contractors for refugee placement leaves no incentive for an agency to slow the flow if a town is overloaded!

The original Refugee Act of 1980 contemplated a ‘public-private’ partnership for placing refugees around America, but what has happened over the years is that the ‘non-profits’ (they call themselves volags, short for voluntary agencies!) became dependent on greater and greater amounts of taxpayer dollars to stay afloat.
Indeed, one contractor USCRI is 97% funded by you.  In other words they have become fat and lazy on your money and so charity fundraisers put on by them are a rare sight.
It’s sort of like a Ponzi scheme!

They are paid by the head from the US State Department, so when not enough “clients” are admitted to the US, guess what? They run out of your money!

Now they are admitting it!

Nebraska resettlement agency may lose federal funding, here.

Possible layoffs at Catholic Charities as federal money dries up in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, here.

Wisconsin refugee agencies face reduced funding, here.

Oregon refugee agencies fear closure, here.

Local refugee agency fears Trump’s EO, here, in Tennessee.

Catholic agency in Rochester, New York worries staff will decline like it did during slowdown following 9/11, here.

I have no sympathy for them, they got fat on federal funding.  They should all have been figuring out how to raise private money for their ‘charities!’
And, maybe some of their CEOs like British national David Miliband will have to take a pay cut! Heck George Soros could help him out for awhile!
Readers, send me more stories like these (where they complain about having to downsize) and I will update this post!
For new readers, here are the nine major refugee contractors (the volags!), those mentioned in stories above are their subcontractors:

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