Iraqi Christians should be moved to the head of the line

     Iraq’s Christians are being wiped out.   The Islamic government that we have helped establish in Iraq is not protecting them and consequently thousands have been killed, driven from the country as refugees or forced to convert to Islam to save themselves.   

     A representative of the State Department told us, we take Iraqis of all religions into the Refugee Resettlement program.  It’s frankly insane.  It is multiculturalism uber alles.   There are plans to bring 25,000 refugees into the US in the next two months and we are wasting spaces on the likes of Malta’s 200 illegal immigrants (see our post on July 26th)—those are likely Muslims from North Africa who have sneaked into Malta.

     Reform of Refugee Resettlement is imperative and one place to start is with focusing on bringing our friends to America and not our mortal enemies.

     Read  articles that have just appeared in the last few days on this important topic!{02F1B8FE-02CC-42B0-BADB-66D0F99FD9F0

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