Utah National Guard seeking to help Iraqis settle in, many still leave

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, some members of the Utah National Guard are getting together with Iraqi refugees to help them settle into life in Utah.   I was surprised to see the large number of refugees that have already returned to the Middle East disgusted with life in America,  however, some plan to stick it out here especially as more violence is predicted.

But others have concluded that there is no future for them here. Since arriving in Utah, more than a dozen Iraqis — disappointed by the support system they found in America and often struggling to find work in a bad economy — have returned to their war-torn nation or other countries in the Middle East.

Refugees reported that they anticipate stepped up violence in their homeland as Obama pulls troops out of Iraq.

While Iraq is significantly less violent right now than it was at the time that many of the refugees left, some believe that Tuesday’s withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraqi cities — and a full withdrawal planned for 2010 — will spark a new round of sectarian fighting, including the tit-for-tat murder sprees that marred the nation from 2005 to 2007.

“People are going to start fighting again,” said Niaz Rashid, who arrived in Utah last month. “It is certain.”

Off topic, but I’ve wondered if when Obama pulls us out and if violence returns will Obama be blamed for losing Iraq?  Just wondering.  And, if refugee numbers increase will they be Obama’s refugees?

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