Group of Somali Americans to protest against terrorism in Somalia

Here is a press announcement from a group of Somalis in Minneapolis planning a protest against terrorism, suicide bombings and al Shabaab in Somalia.   There is a split as we revealed recently in the Somali “community” in Minnesota and it isn’t clear to me who exactly is putting on this event.   We will just have to watch for news accounts as the event unfolds.  However, if CAIR Minnesota is supporting this event, you can be sure it is bogus.   If it’s the Somali group that is accusing CAIR of blocking the FBI investigation into the Somali missing youths, then they deserve a thumbs up!

Thousands of Somali Americans in Twin cities are expected to protest Suicide radical Islam, suicide bombing, terror attacks In Somalia this Friday July 3rd 2009, from 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM.


Somali community public relations organizers are requesting that the protesters bring signs. Organizers state: The Somali-American Community in Minnesota is taking a stand and we want the world, the mainstream Community and the Somalis in the Diaspora to know our stand and strong opposition to these terrorists. The Somali-American Community in Minnesota will release a press release and voice the community stand on issues related to suicide bombings and terrorism in the protest. The Somali-American Community in Minnesota is requesting you to attend and cover the protest and to join us in the condemnation of the violent extremists and their suicide bombings.


Suicide bombings, acts of terrorism and violent militant Islam are new and scary development unheard and unseen in Somalia and it´s an alien to the tolerant and moderate Islam Somalis practiced for centuries. Many believe the Al-Shabaab militants are allied with Al-Qaeda terrorist and trained by them.

Somalis all over the world and specially Somali-Americans in Minnesota strongly oppose these suicide bombings and acts of terrorism.

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