The Far-Left has deeply infiltrated the so-called “faith community”

Far-Left Progressives figured out decades ago that in order to control the people and bring about their big government vision of the (borderless) world they needed to get to the churches and take them over (or take over as many as they could).

Saul Alinsky knew this in the 1950s and ’60s.  Later Chicago groups like UNO (United Neighborhood Organization) took up where Alinsky left off.  A mostly Hispanic group, UNO, which Stanley Kurtz, writing inRadical-in-Chief,’ says Obama  worked with in the 1980’s, literally worked to take over entire churches from within.

Now comes a lengthy report from the Center for American Progress (probably just in time for the Easter weekend) to tell us how deeply the Left, with the government as sugar-daddy, is intertwined with the “faith community.”   The article is basically a plea to keep the taxpayer money flowing to “churches” so they can continue to lobby for “social, economic and environmental justice” all the while supposedly helping the poor and downtrodden.  Indeed they say it wouldn’t be fair to now pull them off the government teat.  They need the money to keep the masses in line, dependent on them, and voting Left.

You will have to read the whole thing, but do keep it for future reference because it’s kind of blueprint for which supposed faith groups are in deep with the Socialists (Marxists) at John Podesta’s (and Van Jones’) Center for American ProgressAs you prepare for the Holy days ahead, be sure to check out whether your faith group is a friend of the Socialists.

At the end of the article, the authors quote a supposed Catholic nun (I say supposed because she isn’t Catholic in my view*) who sums up exactly what is happening:

Sister Simone Campbell, executive director of NETWORK—a leading Catholic social justice advocacy organization—said in an interview for this article that the budget battle is more than a war of numbers and words. It is a fight “for the soul of our nation.”

It is indeed a fight for the soul of our nation—will we be a free country or a Communist country, that is the essence of what we are fighting over!

* We know the whole US Conference of Catholic Bishops has gone far Left.   I’m ready for a breakaway Catholic Church, does anyone know if there is one?