Eleven groups in DC area join forces to fight illegal immigration

Update April 26,2008:  See this NBC news clip about this new coalition here.

Although this isn’t about refugees per se it involves immigration in Maryland where we live, so it interests me. 

Tomorrow eleven groups, including Help Save Maryland, from the Washington, Maryland, Virginia region will announce the formation of a coalition to combat illegal immigration. 

On Thursday, 11 groups from Maryland, Virginia and Washington will hold a news conference at the National Press Club in Washington to announce the formation of the Capital Area Alliance Against Illegal Immigration. The alliance will include organizations such as Help Save Maryland and Save the Old Dominion that have pushed for legislation and advocacy against illegal immigration around the region.

The alliance is a sign of the growing network these groups are forming in the wake of several high profile battles over immigration issues around the metropolitan area.

Read this detailed article from the Montgomery County Gazette to learn about those high profile battles and others the new coalition will face.