Because no one asked….

I just found this blog with that name, and it’s from Canada.   Today “crazybengal” had this to say about a film called “Real Islam revealed”: 

Another thing that is not mentioned in the film is the need for muslim immigrants to integrate into western society. Also, the need for our governments to stop giving in to muslim immigrants’ demands that WE accomodate THEIR cultural requirments so as to be consistent with Sharia law – that makes US the dhimmis. Stop the multi-culti liberals amoung us who are bending over to accomodate muslims, trying SO HARD to prove that they are not racist. Islam is not a race. 

However, the video takes it one step further and proposes a halt to all Muslim immigration to Europe and the United States.   I’m mentioning that here because it is an idea we are hearing more frequently.

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