Africans want ‘out of Africa’ in a big way

Africans are piling up like migrating birds along the north African coast waiting for the weather to improve to flock across the Mediterranean Sea to breeding grounds in Europe and especially Great Britain.  (Oh boy, I can just hear the hissing!)     Seriously,  Dymphna over at Gates of Vienna sent us this post yesterday about an article from The Guardian saying just that (without the migrating bird analogy).    It seems that Africans from many nations are gathering in Libya ready to make a big push to enter Europe illegally in the spring.  

Her post reminded me of a couple of posts I did back in RRW’s first month about African illegal immigrants arriving on the Mediterranean island of Malta because their little boats couldn’t get them to Europe.  On Malta they sought “refugee” status from the United Nations and applied to come to the US.    And, when I wrote those posts back in July we were planning to take 200 so-called refugees every year to relieve Malta’s illegal immigration burden.  See those posts here and here.

Remember as “refugees” fleeing persecution they get airfare to America, a US State Dept. subsidized apartment, food stamps, medical care (treatment for TB and HIV),  schools for their children, English lessons and a caseworker to find them a job— all supplied by YOU!

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