Shelbyville reporter hits the nail on the head

Brian Mosely, the reporter who wrote the controversial series of articles on the Somali refugee migration to Shelbyville, TN and  who was vilified by multiculturalists for daring to expose the problems has today published an opinion piece that gets to the heart of the problem.     If you recall, Mr. Mosely and his editor had a visit this week from the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition prompting this editorial.

No advocacy group has given these folks a helping hand since they’ve been here. When I first contacted Catholic Charities, the organization that is resettling Somalis and other groups throughout the nation, they had “no idea” that the refugees were living in Shelbyville in such large numbers.


Instead, their current policy apparently just brings the hapless refugees into the country, gives them extremely limited orientation on how to properly function in western society, and then sets them loose to fend for themselves.


This is a very bad idea. To simply relocate members of a totally alien culture into a community without the needed support, services or training to help them adjust to 21st Century America is immoral and wrong.

Volags (voluntary agencies) like Catholic Charities have been contracted by the US State Department and resettled over 70,000 Somali refugees from 1991 to the present.   Nomadic Somalis are moving from city to city in the US, so expect more clashes because contracted agencies send them out on their own after only 4 months in America. 

We advocate the return of the old system of refugee resettlement where individual churches and groups take one family each under their wing to care for them and help them assimilate to America, and do that for as long as it takes.  That would be true charity in the spirit of the Good Samaritan.  

A Harbinger of what is to come?

A pair of articles published in Great Britain this past week should serve as a wake-up call to America about what rapid uncontrolled immigration could do to us (or is already doing to us).  (Hat tip: Infinicat).

The first from the Sunday Mail begins:

Almost 2 million new homes will have to be built just to cope with the immigrant influx, peers will be told tomorrow.


It means 263 houses must be constructed every day for almost 20 years – the equivalent of five cities the size of Birmingham during the next 18 years.

If you are thinking, well great, that helps the economy because all those workers will contribute and keep the housing industry booming, the second article from the Daily Mail  tells you why you would be wrong.

Many choose the cheapest possible rented accommodation so they can send more of their wages home, according to the report.

Months ago we wrote about this practice —sending money back home and out of the economy—called remittances.  

Another thing I wonder about when I read articles like these is where are the environmentalists?  Why are they silent?  Imagine 5 more cities the size of Birmingham!   My guess is they are chicken to speak up for fear of  being called racists by their multicultural buddies.   

American Somalis detained in Ethiopia with links to terror?

Read this post at Jihad Watch yesterday about an AP story which quoted Ethiopian officials saying they have detained terror suspects who are American Somalis.  Be sure to check out the comments.  

Here is what Brian at UsorThem said to me this morning, and he says it better than I could:

We bring them here at our cost. Give them support, make them healthy, teach them another language, so they can return to Somalia, more educated, healthier, better connected, more free to move about the world with American passports, so they can become better Jihadists.


I wonder if they finagle a free ride back to the U.S. by claiming refugee status again.

And, if this turns out to be true, will the US State Department dash over there and bring ‘home’ these American jihadists?