As Lionheart goes, so go we

Update 1/30/08:   Gates of Vienna blog has up-to-date news on Lionheart, calls him ‘canary in the coal mine for western free speech’ here.   Don’t miss audio of Lionheart on a US radio station.

I’ve written lately about the importance of keeping our free speech and that proliferating blogs is the way for just regular people to defend and keep that important freedom.   As I said, it’s like the gun issue, if we all have one it will be harder for them to strip our rights.

I don’t have time to do the post justice this morning, but please read Us or Them blog here on the case of British blogger Lionheart who is on the run from British police for speaking his mind on his blog.   He said similar things to what I posted the other day about the Nadia Convenience store raid in our county, and has thus broken the law in his native England.