Here they come to Muscatine, IA

Nothing new here.  Ninety refugees from West Africa are arriving in this Iowa town  of about 23,000 with the help of Lutheran Services of Iowa.   According to the Muscatine Journal, Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services interviewed the refugees in Africa and invited them to come to the US.  In Muscatine they work in various local industries and  I’ll bet there is food processing involved somewhere nearby.    The article also says many more are coming.

So why the silence on the Saudis?

Yesterday the Washington Post Outlook section ran an opinion piece by our buddy Ken Bacon at Refugees International—the lobbying organization hollering the loudest for us to open our gates to Iraqi refugees.  Come to think of it, Ken Bacon was also the guy testifying to Congress this past year about saving those poor Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, you know those refugees who will turn into terrorists if we don’t get them over here and on welfare ASAP.   Mr. Bacon is everywhere these days including feting the former Asst. Secretary of State;  could he be angling for something big in a possible Clinton Administration?   Maybe we should have a blog called Kenneth Bacon Watch!

Sorry,  I was getting off track.  There is nothing new in this blast at the Bush Administration, which I am sorry to say I can’t link because I can’t find it on line at the Post (very strange).  You will have to trust me that he said,  “The Administration isn’t doing its part to resettle Iraqis, either—not even former translators for the U.S. Military whose lives are at risk.”      See Judy’s post to see why it is so amusing (shocking really) that they are still using the Iraqi translator sob story, don’t they know that some translators have been found to be spies. 

What interested me in his Post opinion were the graphics that accompanied it, maps, graphs, charts, that showed who is, and by omission, who is not helping with Iraqi refugees in some way.  All of the humanitarian aid comes from the U.S., Europe and Japan.  All the countries bordering Iraq have displaced Iraqis, however, glaringly absent and apparently doing NOTHING is Saudi Arabia, Iraq’s oil RICH neighbor.  We hear so much about how the Koran calls for Muslims to be charitable (to fellow Muslims) so where is Saudi Arabia?  And where is the criticism from groups like Mr. Bacon’s?