Steps to create a movement–#1 research

Yesterday in a comment here in response to something Infinicat said, I said I would start putting some ideas out on what we need to do to bring about reform of legal immigration.  Our biggest handicap is that unfettered immigration has become such an entrenched part of American public policy, involving loads of money, paid lobbyists, volags (voluntary organizations), politicians on both sides of the aisle, big business benefits, politically correct media,  but not much for the ordinary citizen who pays for it in more ways than one; and, who must work on reforming it as volunteers who don’t have the luxury of spending whole days at it.

The first step in creating a successful movement is research and education.  We are well on our way with education thanks to the internet and blog proliferation.   But, now we need some hardcore research.   We need people to really begin documenting the problems with legal immigration and that means research on a very deep level using State Public Information laws and the Federal Freedom of Information Act and other types of document gathering.  Some national groups do a good job researching statistics etc. on a national level, Center for Immigration Studies comes to mind, but we need local documentation.  

And, then I’m asking all of you to start your own blogs.  Infinicat this means you too!   Don’t just rehash stuff in the news all the time, but start posting hardcore data—the kind of thing good investigative reporters used to do but don’t anymore except for a few exceptions like those at the Shelbyville Times-Gazette.   Just pick some aspect of this monstrous issue and start working on it!  Become an expert!

Believe me, blogs are free and easy to do!  If you don’t want to do it on your own then help us research and we’ll post it.  But, if you had your own blog it will have greater impact.  Contact me, I have loads of ideas on what needs to be researched!   Help move blogging to another level!   You will be absolutely amazed about how much you can move the political process with publication of documented facts.

P.S. to infinicat, I look forward to visiting your blog sometime soon!