Al-Shabaab terrorist recruitment video released in US

But, you likely won’t get to see it because according to this report it’s been pulled down already.

The film (we first heard about here on Thursday), described as professional and well-made, features three of the “youths” (for the first time I see one was not a Somali refugee) we chronicled ad nauseam starting back in 2008 beginning here who thumbed their noses at the good life given to them by the US taxpayer and refugee resettlement contractors and went back to Somalia for Jihad training.

Abdi Bihi: Not enough “programs” or jobs for Somali youths to keep them in Minnesota!

Thanks to reader Cliff, here is the story at Fox News 9:


A new recruiting video from the terror group al-Shabaab posted to YouTube and called “The Path to Paradise” focuses on the journey of three men who left Minnesota to die in Somalia.

The video, which demonstrated high production values, has since been taken down; however, FOX 9 News obtained a copy of the never-before-seen footage of three young men who left Minneapolis six years ago to join training camps in Somalia.

All three of the men profiled in the video — including the only non-Somali to be recruited — are now dead, killed either in combat or in suicide attacks.


The nearly 40-minute video features Dahir Gure, Mohammed Hassan and Troy Kastigar, all of whom left for Somalia in 2007 and 2008. The video chronicles the path of the three “from the Twin Cities to the Land of 2 Migrations,” and each of them spoke directly to those who are still in Minnesota.

“I would like to speak to my brothers in western countries,” Gure said.

The story discusses how the newly-minted Jihadists went back home to Africa supposedly to fight the ‘invading’ Ethiopians (that was their story and one some US Senators bought, here, in 2009), but it was (and is) a war against the infidel culture of the West especially America.

Although over the years we give Abdi Bihi credit for sounding the alarm and fighting the radicalization of the refugee “kids,”  this is not about how much stuff Americans give refugees, it is the prevalence of radical teaching in local mosques and the lack of parenting in the Somali community (indeed the parents probably are encouraging attendance in radical mosques).

Here Bihi sounds like he has been talking to too many ‘progressive’ activists there in Minnesota:

“It is targeting, for the first time, specifically our young men and women,” said Abdi Bihi, who works with Somali youth and whose own nephew, Burhan Hassan, went to Somalia and died.

Bihi said the video indicates al-Shabaab needs new soldiers and is hoping to find them in the large population living in the Twin Cities, where unemployment is high and there are few programs to help young Somali men and women.

By the way, most of the Somali youths who gave up life in America to fight for Allah were well-educated (thanks to the US taxpayer) and had bright futures ahead of them.   A shiny new community center with more basketball courts was not going to hold them in Minneapolis (one proposal years ago).  Material ‘stuff’ and the good life does not trump Allah’s message to kill the infidels!

For new readers, we have probably a hundred posts on the ‘Somali youths’ who left America or Canada or Europe to learn to be Jihadists.  If you type those words (Somali youths) into our search function this is the extensive archive you get.

Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis?  This post is almost daily one of our ‘top posts.’

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