Abilene, TX: Case dismissed in African refugee translator sex case

African refugee witnesses got cold feet, were “terrified” to testify against Burundian man.

Diversity is beautiful update!  We first reported the arrest of Aloys Nzeyimana here in 2010.  I made a point then of mentioning that the man’s nationality was not published, but from this report we know now he is from Burundi.

Aloys Nzeyimana walks!

From ReporterNews Abilene:

The case involving a former interpreter who was charged with one count of indecency with a child, two counts of sexual assault and one count of burglary was dismissed Monday due to the lack of cooperation of witnesses and alleged victims with the district attorney’s office.

As it stands right now, Aloys Nzeyimana, a native of Burundi in central Africa, is not charged with anything. When he was first arrested in December 2010, Nzeyimana was a translator for the Abilene-Taylor County Public Health District, working mostly with African refugees.

He speaks English, French and Russian in addition to three African languages. Nzeyimana’s trial was supposed to have started Monday.

“We knew there would be an issue with the refugee community (in Abilene) because they sort of have an inherent distrust of authority coming from their background in their home countries, so we knew it would be a difficult case,” Taylor County Assistant District Attorney Dan Joiner said Monday. “But the (Abilene) police did a very good job and spent many, many hours talking with them, but we knew that when it came to trial, there’s going to be an issue of the alleged victims coming forward.”

Everyone is too “terrified” to testify.  Here is another report, this time from Big Country, where a reporter tries in vain to get someone to talk—most pretend they don’t understand English.

For new readers!  Texas is the second largest refugee “welcoming” state after California.  From 2007-2013, they “welcomed” over 40,000 refugees to the Red state that the Left is attempting to turn Blue, here, through demographic change.  Click here to have a look at where your state ranks.

Brazil taking Syrian refugees; large Syrian community there

This is just for your information, it was news to me and assume it might be to you as well.

Iconic image: Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer statue

From UNHCR posted at Reuters:

…. instead of seeking shelter in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan or Egypt, which together have taken in 1.89 million Syrians, Nidal [featured refugee in this article—ed] decided to head across the Atlantic to Brazil, which has a big Syrian community. He was not the only one; Brazil has granted asylum to just over 200 Syrian refugees in the past two-and-a-half years and a further 50 claims are waiting to be processed. In April, the number of asylum-seekers recognized was up 50 per cent on the month before.

The Brazilian government has approved 100 per cent of the asylum claims presented so far by Syrian nationals, but many more people may have flown to the country and not bothered to seek asylum.

“We assume that the number of Syrians living in Brazil because of the conflict is much bigger than the figure revealed by the official statistics,” said Andrés Ramirez, UNHCR’s representative in Brazil. He said that this was because many of the new arrivals were staying with family or friends among the estimated 3 million-strong Syrian community, which is playing a key support role.

Syrian asylum-seekers had started arriving in Brazil from the very beginning of the conflict and officials said this was this was due to the strong historical links between the two countries and the big Syrian community.

No overt mention of what the predominant religion of the Syrian “community” is (after all this is a UN press release).  Maybe this is where the Christians are going, but I really don’t know.  Do you?

Swiss asylum-seeker controversy brings world-wide attention

This is an update of a story we posted last week about how some towns in Switzerland with detention facilities nearby, fearing crime, are restricting the movement of the ‘asylum-seekers’ from mostly Muslim countries.

This is from AFP and posted at Fox News, but the story is being reported in a whole host of media outlets.

Africans arriving in Switzerland (via Malta!) in 2012

Swiss citizen:  If they don’t like our laws they can go somewhere else or back to the country they came from!

Switzerland is one of the countries in Europe that welcomes the most asylum seekers in proportion to its population, with some 48,000 people currently in the process of applying for asylum in the small Alpine nation, including 28,631 who arrived in 2012 — the highest number since 1999.   [Welcomes!  Reporters world-wide have fallen for their lingo!—-ed]

Amid the recent spike in refugees, Switzerland has been rushing to open a slew of temporary asylum centres.

But the Swiss public, which in June overwhelmingly voted to tighten the country’s asylum laws, often resist the creation of such centres in their neighbourhoods.   [Where have we heard this before?  Oh yeh!  Germany!—ed]

Szoelloesy acknowledged that four of the 10 communities asked to host new centres since last year had been granted the right to set up “sensitive areas”, like Bremgarten, to help avoid “bad feelings” towards the asylum seekers.

Don’t like it here?  Leave!

“To tell you the truth, I think that if they are not satisfied with the laws in the country that is housing them they would be better off returning to their countries or going elsewhere,” young Solothurn local Maria told RTS.

Read the whole story.  The “human rights” cabal is up in arms and some Turks are demonstrating.

Photo is from this story about Switzerland taking 19 of the illegal aliens who arrived on Malta.  The US has taken at least 1,300 of Malta’s illegal migrants over the last few years.   Notice in this story that the presence of the Africans was kept from the public for months.