The world’s most dangerous place is Somalia

That is the conclusion of author James Fergusson in a new book aptly titled ‘The World’s most dangerous place.’

Interesting to us is this review by Steve Weinberg at The Star Tribune in which Weinberg draws attention to Fergusson’s research in the United States, in Little Mogadishu/Minneapolis.    Emphasis below is mine.


When James Fergusson, a journalist based in Edinburgh, Scotland, decided to write a book about a chaotic African nation, he initially had no clue that his research would require a visit to Minneapolis.

It turns out that one of the largest populations of Somalis outside their national borders is in the Twin Cities. Some of those residents are almost surely linked to violent organizations overseas and thus might constitute a terrorist threat, according to Fergusson. He was drawn to Minneapolis in large part by the presence of Omer Abdi Mohamed, a resident who had pleaded guilty to a U.S. government charge of conspiring to recruit warriors for possible illegal activities within and outside North America.

Beyond Omer’s case, Fergusson wondered why the Twin Cities had become the destination of between 75,000 to 100,000 Somalis, especially given the frigid weather — frigid, at least, compared with the parched heat in the Horn of Africa.

Enter those Lutherans again!  Weinberg continues:

Here is part of the answer, in a fascinating paragraph written by Fergusson: Lutherans whose ancestors arrived from Scandinavia to settle Minnesota run social service agencies efficiently and generously. [With taxpayer money!—ed] “A number of voluntary Somali migrants, mostly professionals with ambitions to study or to set up businesses, had been drawn to the Twin Cities even before the [Somali] civil war by the abundance of jobs and social housing on offer, at a time when the local economy was conspicuously booming. Word soon spread of the good life in Minnesota, making the state the destination of choice when the main refugee exodus began in the early 1990s.” When Fergusson visited Minneapolis, he identified “the de facto parliament of the Somali community” as a Starbucks coffee shop just off Riverside Avenue.

While in the Twin Cities, Fergusson concluded that the large refugee population consists mostly of hardworking Somalis. But he demonstrates that the recruitment of suicide bombers has occurred in the Twin Cities, and that various gangs of Somali refugees have shattered the peace of the Twin Cities from time to time.

I do hope Fergusson went beyond the notion that Somalis ‘found their way to Minneapolis.’  We have extensively chronicled how Minneapolis and increasingly elsewhere in Minnesota has been targeted for refugee resettlement by the US State Department and resettlement contractors like the US Conference of Catholic Bishops/Catholic Charities and the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services/Lutheran Social Services which are PAID to resettle them in “welcoming” cities (not so welcoming cities too!).

Here is a 2011 post we wrote explaining in some detail how the contractors brought the Somalis to Minneapolis, most didn’t find their way there!  Perhaps now they do, but when there is no serious and sustained squawking by the community as it reaches overload, the contractors just keep pouring in the refugees.  This 2011 post is daily one of our most-read posts here at RRW.

Samantha Power arrives at the UN dressed like a teenager

On her first day at the United Nations, great friend of Valerie Jarrett and one of the chief architects (with Hillary and Susan Rice) of our Libya involvement, new UN envoy Samantha Power spoke to refugee kids dressed like a teeny-bopper going to the beach in a sleeveless, above the knee, tank-top dress (and it wasn’t very hot in NYC that day, so she didn’t have that excuse!).

Samantha Power talks to refugee kids affiliated with federal contractor International Rescue Committee in NYC Monday. Photo: Reuters Eric Thayer

LOL!  this is my outreach to the low information crowd!

I figured maybe she had changed clothes to talk to the youngsters, but no, if you check the news, this (see photo) is how she dressed to present her credentials to the august body.  Her attire is the equivalent of John Bolton arriving in shorts and a polo shirt!

Maybe I’m just too old fashioned and think women in power should be more professional looking.

And, we cannot assume she is sending a message to the Islamists in the UN about freedom for women with her choice of clothes! (Other than a message that she is not to be taken seriously).

From Reuters:

(Reuters) – U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power faced some tough questions during her first day on the job on Monday, but they did not come from other U.N. Security Council envoys – instead she was grilled by refugee students in New York City.

At the International Rescue Committee’s Refugee Youth Summer Academy in downtown Manhattan, students asked Power questions ranging from how did she meet President Barack Obama to would she send troops to Afghanistan and her thoughts on communism.

Wouldn’t you love to know her opinion on communism!  And, by the way, as a protege of George Soros she earlier sat on the Board of the International Rescue Committee that will soon see David Miliband take the reins.

She apparently gave some thought to what she would wear on her first day….

At the Refugee Youth Summer Academy – a six-week program that helps prepare newly arrived refugees aged 5 to 19 for the New York school system – Power likened her first day on the job to their first day at school.

“Like me you’ll probably think about what you’ll wear and will it go well and will people like me,” she said. “Every time you do something new it’s scary.”

On a serious note:  We have written extensively about Power’s career (click here for our complete archive).  She was tasked with reforming the Refugee Resettlement Program when she arrived at the White House in Obama’s first term.  Human rights lobbyists were thrilled to call her the ‘Iraqi refugee czar.’  She did throw some money to the resettlement contractors, but there wasn’t much reform that I could see.

She was quoted as saying she was sick of doing “rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff” in relation to Christian Iraqis, here.   And, I was very surprised to see her go into hiding when the Benghazi terror attack happened because she, Hillary and Rice were in on pushing Obama to get on the oust-Gaddafi bandwagon in the first place.   I even wrote a post suggesting the White House (Jarrett?) was keeping Power safe from criticism when the Benghazi fire storm erupted.

On August first, the Senate voted 87-10 to confirm Power as the new US Ambassador to the UN.  Here is the vote (hat tip: Robin).  The ten sensible and brave Republicans who voted NO! are:  Barrasso, Cruz, Enzi, Heller, Lee, Paul, Rubio, Scott, Shelby, and Vitter.

As Robin pointed out, a big disappointment is that Sessions voted Aye.  Power’s doctrine—the responsibility to protect—is, and will be, responsible for many more impoverished migrants arriving in the US, so what was Sessions thinking?

Greenfield at Frontpage reports on Muslim immigration numbers

Muslim immigration to America doubled in twenty years, but these are only the legal ones!

Daniel Greenfield has analyzed that Pew demographic study we told you about here in May and has brought us a few more facts to ponder.  Information like this is worth repeating.

Here is Greenfield—it’s about the babies!

The numbers still aren’t anywhere as bad as in Europe. We’re looking at 100,000 Muslims a year or 10 percent of the 1 million immigrants a year who enter the United States.


But it’s the birth rate that really counts more than just the number of immigrants. We aren’t just accepting immigrants, but their children and their children’s children. That’s how the Boston Marathon bombing happened.


….we’re importing as many as 2,500 Muslim babies a year into our demographic pool.

Read it all!  Then order your copy of ‘Modern Day Trojan Horse: Al-Hijra, the Islamic Doctrine of Immigration, Accepting Freedom or Imposing Islam?’

Civilizational change is a more significant threat to the survival of America and our Western values then Islamic terrorists blowing up some things along the way (in my opinion!).