Swiss doing DNA tests on “refugees” to determine family relationships

We, in the US, are supposed to be doing this too—DNA testing Somalis and others from certain countries to see if they are really related to the “family” member they are seeking to join. 

I doubt we are doing it much.

In 2008 the US State Department closed family reunification for years due to the widespread fraud discovered in the program.  It has only recently been reopened supposedly with the protection of some DNA testing.

In a follow-up to the widely read story we posted regarding new get-tough policies in Switzerland, here is news that some cantons in the country are requiring DNA testing to see if “refugees” are lying and claiming kinship where none exists.

From Press TV:

Certain Swiss Cantons are demanding systematic DNA tests on asylum-seekers who seek to be reunited with family members living in Switzerland.

Iris Rivas, head of migration services in the canton of Bern, said that the reason for DNA tests are that official papers from several countries are easily forged, Swiss newspaper Schweiz Am Sonntag reported Sunday.

“Identity papers or birth certificates must be considered as suspect” when presented by people seeking residence under the family reunification program, Rivas said.

The demand is also supported by the canton of Lucerne’s migration chief Alexander Lieb, who said, “Identity control in the case of family reunification is too lax.”

Under current Swiss law, DNA tests are allowed on a case-by-case basis when there is serious doubt that a claimant belongs to the same family.

Meanwhile, Switzerland has recently come under fire for its treatment of asylum seekers, including segregation and poor living conditions.

Police dismantled a protest camp this week at the Solothurn train station in the northwestern part of the country, where a group of ten asylum seekers protested against their living conditions in a subterranean bunker, describing it as “unworthy of a human being.”

The decision to end the rally was taken after police feared the demonstrators would be attacked by local residents who were outraged by the protest.

Erie, PA: Bosnian boy dies as unlicensed sister takes joy ride in family SUV

Erie has received 4,989 refugees since 2001, Springfield, MA ‘only’ 1,712.  Why aren’t the citizens of Erie squawking?

Since we are on the subject of Bosnians (see previous post on the Des Moines sex abuse case) and since a reader (pungentpeppers) alerted us to the news last week from the “preferred” resettlement city Erie, PA, I’m posting this tragic story as a lead-in to a discussion of the Limon family business of resettling refugees in Erie.   Why Erie?

Here is the sad story from last week (via the UK Daily Mail).  Why is it that some of the most interesting stories don’t make much news in the US, but instead one can pick them up in the UK press?  Let me be clear, this sort of thing can happen to any family, the ethnicity of the family has nothing to do with a kid gone wrong, but it does give us an opportunity to discuss Erie!

Bosnian refugee family’s SUV was driven by unlicensed 15-year-old. AP Photo

Little Emir Zilkic died in a car crash on Tuesday after his 15-year-old sister lost control of the family SUV after taking it without permission.

Eight-year-old Emir was riding with his two older siblings, the unlicensed driver and a 14-year-old girl, near their home in Erie, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday night.

The teenage driver had sneaked away with the large 4-by-4 and was taking her younger siblings and two friends to McDonald’s when the car came off the road just four blocks from the family home.

Witnesses said the vehicle was speeding when it started rolling, and then flipped through the air.

At least three of the children were thrown out of the car as it flew through the air, but two were pinned underneath as it landed, Erie County Police said

Emir Zilkic was pronounced dead at the scene just after 9.30pm. The 15-year-old driver, their 14-year-old sister and two other children, a boy aged ten and a girl, 14, were taken to hospital.

The girl behind the wheel suffered a back injury and her sister a broken arm and internal bleeding, their mother Alma Zilkic told GoErie.

‘They say she was speeding, like 80 miles per hour, and lost control. And (Emir’s) gone,’ she told the paper.

The family, who hail from Bosnia, has lived in Erie for 14 years and Mrs Zilkic said the accident has hit them hard.

She added that she does not blame her daughter for the accident, as the Erie police continue the investigation of the scene of the crash.

So, why was Erie targeted as a preferred community for Refugee Resettlement?

Readers may recall Erie made the pages of RRW just ten days ago when neighbors cleaned up the yard of a Somali refugee woman who apparently has no husband (or no husband willing to do yard work), here.

All in the family!

We mentioned in that recent post that a few years back, the International Institute of Erie had some funny money problems and the resettlement agency director was unceremoniously led from the office by Peter Limon (apparently Lavinia’s brother!).  An audit at the time indicated the organization was in deep financial do-do and unlikely to survive.  But, they have survived and are pouring the refugees into Erie to this day.

Go to the staff page, here, and scroll down from Lavinia to Peter.  If you are just arriving here at RRW for the first time, Lavinia is President of the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), one of the nine major federal contractors.  The Erie office is a subcontractor.  Lavinia has actively used the revolving door as she moved from contractor to ORR Director for Clinton (handing out your money) and then back to contractor (receiving your money).  USCRI receives 94% of its funding from you, the taxpayer.  You pay her over $200,000 annual salary and benefits too!

According to a comment at Friends of Refugees, here, a former employee of USCRI said they had a saying:

Peter Limon is Lavinia Limon’s brother. It’s a family operation all right. I’m a former employee. As we used to say, “When life gives you Limones, …keep your head down and don’t ask questions…or else…”

By even large city standards, Erie is being swamped with refugees from approximately 33 countries (see below), and what I want to know is where the heck do they work, or do they work at all in a mid-sized US city with no major meat packing company (that I know of!)?   In fiscal year 2013 (to the end of July), Erie had received 471 refugees, in 2012 it was 773, 2011 (783) and in 2010 it was 654.

Note that the population of Erie is a little over 100,000, but the demonstrably overloaded Springfield, MA has a population of 153,000 and it is swamped with around 200 refugees a year.   Indeed Springfield got 1,712 refugees since 2001 while Erie has gotten a whopping 4,989 in the same time period.   If you haven’t done so, go to WRAPS and spend some time going through the data tables on refugees entering the US, here.  This is a particularly good one:  Arrivals by Destination City by Nationality by FY as of July 31, 2013.

Now, I’ve brought you all this way to tell you I have no answers.  I don’t know why Erie was targeted for resettlement (still is) and I don’t know why complaints haven’t reached our desk.  Maybe a reader can give us the answers, until then we must assume that everything is copacetic in “welcoming” Erie!  Or, no one is brave enough to speak up!

For some comparison the top five resettlement cities (since 2001) for Pennsylvania are:

Philadelphia:  6,782

Pittsburgh:  3,283

Erie:  4,989

Lancaster:  2,495

Harrisburg:  1,310

Here is the diversity USCRI has brought to Erie over the years.  Refugees from the following countries:

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Central African Republic
Dem. Rep. Congo
Sierra Leone

Iowa: Bosnian Imam charged in sexual assault

Monday morning diversity-is-strength alert!

How many times do we hear that the ethnic and religious diversity refugees bring to your town strengthens your community?  How do the open-borders pushers and the religious Left get away with that mumbo-jumbo time after time.   Here is yet another story that puts a lie to the myth.

From the Des Moines Register last week.  What “ritual?” An Islamic “marriage?”

Mugshot:  Bosnian Imam Nermin Spahic arrested a week ago today on sexual assault charges.

Johnston police arrested a Muslim imam who serves at the Des Moines Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak after he reportedly sexually abused two women during a ritual late Monday night.

Nermin Spahic, 40, was charged with third-degree sexual abuse and two counts of sexual exploitation by a clergy and transported to Polk County Jail, according to a press release from the Johnston Police Department.

Spahic’s arrest came after police were called to a house in Johnston late Monday night where Spahic was allegedly involved in a “ceremonial ritual” with an 18-year-old woman and her 42-year-old mother, according to the release.  The woman told police Spahic sexually assaulted them both.

Police were called to the house just after 10 p.m. on Monday after receiving a report of the abuse. The caller reported receiving texts from the 18-year-old woman that she and her mother were both being sexually assaulted by a man in their house, according to the release. [Are the women refugees as well?—ed]


The mother had asked for Spahic’s help and guidance on ”personal issues” the daughter was dealing with. Spahic arrived at the house and told the women the religious ceremony would help the daughter. Then, during the ceremony, Spahic assaulted them, the two women told police.

Why so many Bosnians in Iowa?  Is history being revised? 

The Imam celebrating EID in 2007

The answer is what we reported here in 2008Bill Clinton resettled 80,000 Bosnian Muslims in Iowa and other Midwestern states in the wake of his phony war in Bosnia to supply cheap labor to his meat-packing buddies.   How do you think Hillary got so close to Tyson Foods back in the day!

And, why do you think the meat packers are so interested in S. 744, the Gang of Eight bill, but I am digressing!

This is what we learned in 2008 from a 2001 Agribusiness newsletter (IBP, Iowa Beef Processors, was the largest meatpacker in the US, but was bought in 2001 by Tyson Foods, here).

“And IBP’s good fortune didn’t end there,” Limbacher continues, “turns out the Clinton administration’s Bosnian refugee resettlement efforts also helped to keep labor costs down. Since 1995, for instance, the town of Waterloo, Iowa — population 65,000 – has been swamped with 6,000 Bosnian refugees, many of whom wound up working for the No. 1 local employer, IBP.”

Until recently [2001—ed], IBP’s 2,000-strong Waterloo workforce was one-third Bosnian. Most refugee families that settle there have a family member who at one time or another worked for the meatpacking giant. In fact, the meatpacking industry has a history of recruiting on the ground in Yugoslavia. But during the Clinton years, companies like IBP haven’t had to travel that far.

Since 1995, the Clinton INS has resettled over 80,000 Balkan refugees, mainly Bosnian Muslims, primarily in America’s Midwest. The immigrant deluge has earned Iowa the distinction of being the only state in the union with its own refugee bureau.

Read my whole post back in 2008, here.

Revising history!  In searching around for more on the alleged sexual pervert Imam I came across this story which includes the photo of Imam Nermin Spahic on a better day, and quotes another Nermin on Bosnians in Iowa.  They didn’t choose Iowa!  Bill Clinton, his head of ORR at the time, Lavinia Limon, and the meatpackers need for cheap immigrant labor chose Iowa for them!  You, the US taxpayer, supplemented (and still do!) the low meat packer wages with social services and education for the kids.

Many of the more than 12,000 Bosniaks living in Des Moines chose the area because the weather reminded them of home and the schools and businesses gave their families opportunities they couldn’t find in Bosnia, said Nermin Sehovic of Windsor Heights, who helped organize the event and is a founder of the Islamic and Cultural Center Bosniak in Des Moines.

The weather brought them to Iowa!  What a crock!

The second photo (above) is from the 2007 story, the same one that said the weather brought them to Iowa, so when the Des Moines Register piece of last week was written they could have found out that the arrested Imam had been at the Center for at least 6 plus years.  But, I wondered why it mattered if he was a new Imam or a long-time Imam.

Ready for a laugh?  Here is the caption on the 2007 photo:

Imam Nermin Spahic talked about the importance of the family, building the Bosnian community, and being part of American society