Erie, PA: Neighbors clean up yard for Somali refugee

Somali immigrant Faduma Abdulkadir Salah, 26, talks with neighbor George Buntz, Jr. Salah said she’s lived there for two years.

Americans are so nice. 

But, here is what I want to know:  This 26-year-old woman with an 11-month-old child has lived in the rental property for two years—WHERE IS HER HUSBAND?   And, when you watch the film, who is that old unsmiling goat in the background?  Isn’t it standard procedure that when one rents a house, one takes care of the yard?

It’s all the landlord’s fault!

The story is here at the Erie Times-News.

We’ve written about problems in “preferred community” Erie, PA before.  Back in 2008 there was some question about mismanagement of funds at the primary resettlement contractor there.  Here is another post on the strange doings at the International Institute office in Erie.

Erie was (and probably still is) one of the top ten small cities in the US with refugee overload problems, here.

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