‘National Fair Housing Alliance’ shoving diversity down your throats

Every time you turn around there is one more group either funded by big business or the government shoving their ideas down the throats of Americans who just want to be left alone.  We are supposedly free in America to live where we want to live (and with whom we want to live).  We don’t need the likes of State Farm Insurance to tell us how to live!

Any one of you looking for the joys of a diverse neighborhood is welcome to go find one—heck, try moving into the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, or any one of a number of “vibrant” multi-culti-refugee-rich neighborhoods, but leave the rest of us alone.  Want diversity, how about moving to this diverse Boston neighborhood which I wrote about in my previous post!

Before you check out the National Fair Housing Alliance campaign (hat tip: Judy) to create more diverse communities, please re-visit ‘Bowling with our Own’ by John Leo of Harvard whose studies conclude that diversity does not bring strength to communities, but actually weakens community structure (besides, it is only common sense!).  Even Somalis want to live with their own kind!

The National Fair Housing Alliance is pushing their “a Richer Life” campaign and urges its members to accept and promote the following:

Encourage and accept diversity in your neighborhood and community. It will promote a greater sense of engagement, better prepare your children for the global community they will inhabit… give us all a richer life.”   [Who says!—ed]

They want their new members to sign the following pledge (emphasis mine):

“I want a richer life.

I want to live in a neighborhood that reflects the realities of our society as a whole – a society that is becoming far more varied and diverse. I want the benefits that living in integrated communities brings. I want neighbors from different ethnic backgrounds who can help me appreciate the beauty of diversity and better prepare my children for a future in which they will be part of a truly multicultural world.

I embrace the goal of this richer life for myself and my family and support the work of the National Fair Housing Alliance to promote neighborhood diversity in America.”

For your reading pleasure they also have produced a “fight hate guide” (download at their website).

So who are the backers of the “richer life,” diversity is strength campaign?  Here you go!

Why on earth would some of these companies get into this project?

Boston: Man stomped by gang which escaped into Eritrean Community Center to play pool, watch TV

Mid-week diversity is strength alert!

A reader sent this story from Boston via The Southend Patch.   Sometimes those ‘Patch’ papers have more news than do primary media outlets.   The crime happened earlier this month.

Eritrean Community Center on Shawmut Ave. working to alleviate problems Eritrean refugees and immigrants have in the US. Editorial Note: More work needed now for sure!

Boston Police found a wounded man on Shawmut Avenue at about 3:20 a.m. on August 8.

Officers stopped to investigate and saw multiple bruises on the victim’s head as well as several abrasions on his knees, ankles, arms and face. The victim was barefoot.

The victim told police that he arrived on Shawmut Avenue in a cab, when a man stole his iPhone from his pocket and climbed a fence into the Eritrean Community Center. The victim confronted the suspect, and several young men climbed over the fence and stomped the victim as he lay on the ground. The suspects also took the victim’s sandals and threw them away.

Police walked into the Community Center and found a room full of young men playing pool and watching T.V. [at 3:20 a.m.! Guess they aren’t working in the morning!—ed]

The victim was able to identify the suspects.

LOL!  Looks like they have some diversity among the alleged “stompers!”

Officers arrested Farah Amed of 35 Fields Way, Brighton, Sharmake Ibrahim of 268 Washington Avenue, Chelsea, Mohamud Hashi of 50 Decatur Street, Charlestown, Abdikeyer Mohamud of 45 Tufts Street, Charlestown, Christopher Hobin of 4 Shushala Way, Plymouth, Merih Tekleghiorghis of 7 Egmont Street, Brookline were each charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Here is more on the Eritrean Community Center

Eritrea, in Africa: Church World Service testified in May that they want the US to bring in more Eritreans!

This is what they say on their website, click here (emphasis is mine):

Massachusetts and particularly the Greater Boston area has one of the oldest and largest Eritrean-American communities in the U.S.  The earliest members of the community migrated to the Boston area in the early ‘70s, mostly seeking higher education.  A large influx was experienced in the1980s due to the escalation of the war for independence of Eritrea.

Concerned Eritrean-American residents of the Greater Boston area met and took action to organize around issues affecting their families, their community and their homeland. They formed The Eritrean Community Center of Greater Boston (ECC-Boston) in 1983. The organization is one of the first grassroots Eritrean community development corporations founded and operated by Eritrean refugees and immigrants in the U.S.


The Eritrean community in Greater Boston has grown significantly over the last two decades in numbers as well as in its critical needs.  Total number of the Eritrean-American community in the greater Boston area is estimated to be upwards of 700.


ECC-Boston aims to help alleviate some of the problems faced by Eritreans in the Boston area by bridging the cultural and linguistic barriers and by helping its members integrate and contribute their share in the society. It provides a forum for members to organize and work together to find solutions to the challenges that its members are facing in the US, while addressing issues affecting their country of origin.

So who is funding the ECC in Boston (here)?  “Enriching lives” they say!

Putnam Investment
City of Boston – Safe Neighborhood Youth Fund
U.S. Office of Disease Prevention & Health Promotion(ODPHP)www.healthierus.gov
Regional Health Administrators
University of Massachusetts Boston
Institute of Community Inclusion
Children’s Hospital Boston
Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office for Refugees and Immigrants

Church World Service (one of nine major federal resettlement contractors) testified in May to the US State Department and asked for more Eritreans to be resettled in your towns!    See their testimony, here.  They are probably not alone in their appeal, but I just happened on their testimony as I wrote this post.

An afterthought:  I can’t help but think that the criminal element is “embracing diversity” faster than the the average American.  See, the dreadful murder of the Australian young man in Oklahoma by some diverse killers, here.

Mohamed passing through Romania on his way to Iowa

We knew about this facility in Timisoara, Romania, and probably wrote about it before, but this is just one more piece in understanding the UN pipeline of Muslims to America and the West.  Where are they picking up these “refugees”—some from Yemeni jails!

2009 ribbon-cutting ceremony to open the Timisoara Emergency Transit Center. Eritreans from Libya are among those flowing through the UN facility to the US and other Western countries.

Mohamed is going into the welcoming bosom of Catholic Charities, now (since 2010) the only resettlement agency in Iowa. Will he be resettled in Des Moines where he will add to “Iowa’s cultural tapestry.”

From Reuters:

TIMISOARA, Romania, 15 August (UNHCR) – After almost two years in a harsh desert camp on the Egyptian-Libyan border, Mohamed arrived in Timisoara’s Emergency Transit Centre. Although the ETC is only a temporary stop while Mohamed, a 28-year-old Sudanese, and other refugees await moves to new homes in other countries, it is a welcome santuary.

“I was so happy to get here,” said Mohamed, a former veterinary student forced to leave his family behind in the war-torn Darfur region of Sudan. “I felt safe! There is water, food and a peaceful place to sleep.”  [Sure, he was probably coached to say a profession that would soften up Americans—a vet—my foot!—-And, besides as a Muslim aggressor, this Mohamed was part of the reason there is war in Darfur—ed]

Timisoara gives refugees more than life’s necessities. Mohamed now attends UNHCR-funded English classes in preparation for his imminent resettlement to the U.S. state of Iowa.

The ETC is a safe-haven where refugees are assured six-months protection while they complete the procedures necessary for resettlement, including interviews with officials from countries accepting them; providing photographs and fingerprints; undergoing medical checks and psychological counselling; and learning the languages of their new homes.

A former prisoner in Yemen, Ali Osman, is going to Finland:

Ali Osman, a 20-year-old Eritrean, spent two terrifying years in a Yemeni jail with other Eritreans for illegal entry before UNHCR was able to gain their release. “I was in prison with murderers,” Ali said as he headed to a Finnish class to prepare for a new life in the Nordic country.

Photo is from this story in 2009.