‘National Fair Housing Alliance’ shoving diversity down your throats

Every time you turn around there is one more group either funded by big business or the government shoving their ideas down the throats of Americans who just want to be left alone.  We are supposedly free in America to live where we want to live (and with whom we want to live).  We don’t need the likes of State Farm Insurance to tell us how to live!

Any one of you looking for the joys of a diverse neighborhood is welcome to go find one—heck, try moving into the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood in Minneapolis, or any one of a number of “vibrant” multi-culti-refugee-rich neighborhoods, but leave the rest of us alone.  Want diversity, how about moving to this diverse Boston neighborhood which I wrote about in my previous post!

Before you check out the National Fair Housing Alliance campaign (hat tip: Judy) to create more diverse communities, please re-visit ‘Bowling with our Own’ by John Leo of Harvard whose studies conclude that diversity does not bring strength to communities, but actually weakens community structure (besides, it is only common sense!).  Even Somalis want to live with their own kind!

The National Fair Housing Alliance is pushing their “a Richer Life” campaign and urges its members to accept and promote the following:

Encourage and accept diversity in your neighborhood and community. It will promote a greater sense of engagement, better prepare your children for the global community they will inhabit… give us all a richer life.”   [Who says!—ed]

They want their new members to sign the following pledge (emphasis mine):

“I want a richer life.

I want to live in a neighborhood that reflects the realities of our society as a whole – a society that is becoming far more varied and diverse. I want the benefits that living in integrated communities brings. I want neighbors from different ethnic backgrounds who can help me appreciate the beauty of diversity and better prepare my children for a future in which they will be part of a truly multicultural world.

I embrace the goal of this richer life for myself and my family and support the work of the National Fair Housing Alliance to promote neighborhood diversity in America.”

For your reading pleasure they also have produced a “fight hate guide” (download at their website).

So who are the backers of the “richer life,” diversity is strength campaign?  Here you go!

Why on earth would some of these companies get into this project?

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