Switzerland bans asylum seekers from some public places

Switzerland has started to house asylum seekers in underground bunkers on remote mountains. Credit: Ray Smith/IPS.

Switzerland has reached refugee overload and Swiss citizens are angry.   Human rights activists call them “racists” (so what else is new!) for wanting to restrict movement of asylum seekers.

From BBC:

Some Swiss towns plan to keep asylum-seekers away from public places such as swimming pools, playing fields and libraries, in a move human rights groups say is racist.

The curbs are aimed at preventing tensions with residents, officials say.

Asylum-seekers are to be housed in special centres, mainly former army barracks, and the first one has opened in the town of Bremgarten.

Switzerland’s share of asylum-seekers is well above the European average.

Asylum laws were tightened in June.

The BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says the controversy reflects growing voter unease at the number of asylum-seekers in Switzerland – per head of population, among the highest in Europe.

Currently about 48,000 people are seeking asylum in Switzerland.


Roman Staub, mayor of the town of Menzingen, said asylum-seekers should be banned from “sensitive areas” such as the vicinity of a school. “This is certainly a very difficult area, because here asylum-seekers could meet our schoolchildren – young girls or young boys,” he said.

In Bremgarten, a church will also be off-limits to asylum-seekers.

Human rights groups are outraged, calling the measures racist….

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Photo and caption is from this article back in May.

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