Third country resettlement likely for Australia’s ‘asylum-seeking’ cast-offs!

Oh no!  This can only mean resettlement to the US and Canada.  Surely Europe, which is being swamped right now with illegal aliens claiming they are there seeking asylum, isn’t going to take Australia’s problems!

PNG official: Asylum-seeking boat people should get to live where they prefer!

Regular readers know that we have been following Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s scheme to send their mostly Muslim illegal migrants to Papua New Guinea (PNG).  Click here and here for a couple of posts on the policy.

Now comes news from officials in PNG that the ‘asylum seekers’ will only be in their rural country for a short time because after all they were looking for cities to live in and they should get to go to a country they “PREFER.

The you-know-what would hit the fan if the US was taking large numbers of Australia’s aliens, but the average US citizen (or dumb Member of Congress) would not pay attention to “refugees” coming from PNG.

And, since the US State Department has already set a dangerous precedent by taking some of Malta’s illegal alien boat people to your towns and cities, they could hardly say no to PNG (and their minders at the UN!).

From the Herald Sun:

THE PNG government says it will work with the UN refugee agency to resettle asylum seekers to third countries that boat arrivals to Australia would “prefer.”

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s spokesman, Daniel Korimbo, said the country expected very few of the almost-2000 already eligible to be sent to PNG would remain there, despite the government doing an almost half billion dollar aid deal in return for resettlement.

Australia will also help PNG cope with West Papuan asylum seekers illegally entering the country, where there are up to 10,000 currently.

“There is an expectation some of them may eventually become refugees who will eventually reside here,” Mr Korimbo said yesterday.

“They chose to go to Australia and concrete buildings, they didn’t pick this subsistence life.

“PNG and the UNHCR will eventually resettle them or find a country which they would prefer.”


According to Coalition figures, 50,032 people have arrived on 798 boats since Labor was elected in November 2007.


Mr Abbott (Opposition leader) said proof that Mr Rudd’s PNG solution was not working came in the form of 26 boats with 1950 people arriving since it was announced.

Australian elections are next month!  Rudd needs to prove he can handle Australia’s thorniest problem—illegal immigration.

Yesterday reader Joanne sent me this post from Bare Naked Islam with photos of the poor and destitute Australian ‘asylum-seekers’ and they sure look like commandos for an invading army to me!

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