New IRC boss, David Miliband, says we must embrace “political Islamism”

The Financial Times had the story on Sunday, but since you need to subscribe just visit Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs for a more colorful telling.

Miliband to head up large US taxpayer-funded refugee resettlement contractor beginning in September.

Financial Times opening paragraph:

David Miliband, the former foreign secretary, has broken ranks with world leaders by describing the military intervention in Egypt as a “coup” and urging all sides to embrace “political Islamism” for the sake of democracy.

Geller on Miliband:

This is horrifying but revealing. So now we know what the left’s true agenda really is.

“Embracing political Islamism” is a fancy way of saying everyone must convert to Islam or accept the status of the dhimma under Islamic law.

David Milibrand urging all sides to embrace “political Islamism” for the sake of democracy is like urging all women to embrace prostitution for the sake of chastitiy. There is nothing democratic about political Islam. It is, far and away, the most brutal and extreme system of governance on the face of the earth.

The urbane savage Miliband explains that bringing “political Islam’ – into the democratic process is a good thing not a bad thing.” Tell that to the Christians and other religious minorities persecuted, subjugated and slaughtered under poltiical islam. Tell that to the women forced into marriage, honor killed, burka-clad. This submission to Islamic supremacism from a former foreign secretary is monstrous. And yet the enemedia reports it like it is a reasonable position. It’s akin to supporting Nazism under Hitler.

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Miliband to the International Rescue Committee:

Miliband will soon be taking the reins of the second largest of the US State Department’s Refugee Resettlement contractors (the US Bishops are numero uno)—-the International Rescue Committee.   Statements like this blather on political Islam would indicate he has no interest in quietly shepherding the downtrodden, but will use the IRC as a bully pulpit.   It is a large organization scattered around the world as we have told readers here on many occasions.

The International Rescue Committee is a $431 million a year operation with more than half of its funding comes from the US taxpayer.  (Miliband will receive a salary of around $450,000 a year, doing well by doing good?).

Many have questioned exactly what the IRC is doing mucking around in other country’s affairs. Here , we reported on leadership awards given by the IRC in the past to John McCain, George Soros and Hamid Karzai, which tells us a lot about their mission.

Oh, and lest I forget, they are lobbying in support of the Gang of Eight amnesty bill too, here.

For our complete archive on Miliband and his new job, go here.

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