People with high IQ’s are destroying Western Civilization by embracing the “deadly ideology of multiculturalism”

Baron Bodissey, at one of our favorite blogs, Gates of Vienna (hat tip: Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum) posted a refreshingly heretical piece yesterday in which he first discusses the treatment of the Heritage Foundation’s recently let-go (shamefully by the very same Heritage Foundation) Jason Richwine because he dared to write a Phd thesis on race and IQ, and then associate himself with a report on how the Gang of Eight’s amnesty bill will hurt the American economy.

An aside:  I’ve had this news kicking around in my posting queue for a few days where researchers have discovered that there is an ethnic difference in immune response to TB.  I don’t see anyone having a hissy-fit over the possible genetic correlation of race and how one’s body deals with Tuberculosis, yet all hell breaks loose over the issue of racial differences in IQ.

The questions Bodissey raises are ones that underlie much of what we discuss here at RRW on a daily basis as we report on real life stories that demonstrate how stupid we really are.

In Bodissey’s piece (after his lead-in about Richwine and academic studies on IQ and race) he goes on to suggest that people with high IQs are really very stupid (excepting the Chinese and Japanese) and poses this question (emphasis below is mine):

Is IQ a useful measure of intelligence, as expressed by an entire culture?

My contention is that it is not.

The two dominant racial groups in Western culture — Caucasians of European descent and Ashkenazi Jews — contrived the deadly ideology that is now known as Multiculturalism. They received no measurable assistance in this project from black Africans, or Arabs, or Trobriand Islanders. The Chinese and the Japanese, who seem to have put their high IQ scores to better use, have foregone the pleasures of Multiculturalism. This pernicious ideology is entirely the work of Caucasian and Jewish academics.

Through its implementation of the Multicultural ideal, the West is manifestly in the process of destroying itself. Within a few decades the European nation-states will no longer exist. We may already have passed the point of no return. With full deliberation we, the white race, prepared this cultural apocalypse. It was not the races with lesser IQs who did this to us; we did it to ourselves.

Some people have difficulty accepting this conclusion, and ascribe our current disaster to the manipulations of the Bilderberg Group, or an international Jewish conspiracy, or the Freemasons, or the Illuminati, or some other secret cabal that has somehow manipulated the well-meaning citizens of the West into signing up for their own doom.

But this only pushes the problem to a new level: how can some of the most intelligent people on the planet be so easily manipulated into doing such stupid things? The Chinese and the Japanese — who are also intelligent — have up until now failed to fall for this scam. Why have Westerners succumbed? [The Japanese may still succumb—the UN and the human rights industrial complex have been putting pressure on the Japanese to welcome diversity as readers of RRW know—ed]


What does intelligence mean, if intelligent people deliberately and methodically collaborate in their own destruction?

Given the cataclysm currently faced by Western Civilization, the concept of intelligence as measured by IQ seems to have little remaining empirical utility.

Please read the whole thing, there is a lot to think about.

One commenter, Aaron, suggests it’s not all whites and Jews who are to blame, just those with a Leftist ideological world view.  Yes, maybe, but then one wonders how come Rightwingers (Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Grover Norquist, etc.) have fallen for the concept of a multicultural nirvana that flooding America with immigrants is supposed to bring.

I don’t really wonder!  The only nirvana most of that bunch is concerned with involves cold hard campaign cash—Western Civilization be damned.  Norquist is another matter.

NH Mayor: Still too many refugees being placed in Manchester

We’ve written dozens of posts over the last few years about Manchester, NH and its refugee overload.  For those of you struggling with overload in your cities and towns, Manchester’s plight is instructive.  Once the US State Department and their resettlement contractors get an ethnic seed community established, it’s almost impossible to stop the flow.

In the case of Manchester, the Mayor and council went so far as to get a bill introduced in the state legislature to give them some rights to call for a moratorium if the city became too overloaded.  It failed. And, interestingly, now even some refugees are saying there are too many in Manchester and THEY CAN’T FIND WORK.  (Someone please tell Grover Norquist and the Gang of Eight—Senator Kelly Ayotte too—that there are immigrants in need of work in New Hampshire!).

From AP at the Nashua Telegraph (Hat tip: Joanne, others):

While many Bhutanese have transitioned well to life in U.S. – and they are all better off than they were in refugee camps – many, especially those older than 40, are struggling, Niroula [refugee featured in this article] said.

“Bhutanese are facing lot of challenges, because they are jobless,” he said.

The refugees aren’t the only ones having trouble coping with the transition. The growing number of refugees could be jarring for one of the least diverse states in the country. In the past decade, the number of immigrants in New Hampshire has grown by 36 percent, outpacing national growth by 6 percent.

Refugees are still a fraction of the population in the state’s largest city. A task force estimates there are 3,500 in Manchester out of a total population of 110,000. State Department figures show that between 2000 and 2010, almost 2,500 refugees were resettled in the city, just over half New Hampshire’s total during that period.

A central fear is that because services for refugees are frontloaded to their arrival, those who don’t transition well immediately are falling through the cracks. That could become costly for the city.  [Unfunded mandate?—-ed]

Mayor Gatsas: the city needs a break!

 In November 2011, Mayor Ted Gatsas, a Republican then newly elected to his second term, drew national attention after asking the State Department to stop resettling refugees to Manchester. In a recent interview, he said he still believes the city could benefit from a break in their arrival.

“We’ve got refugees in this community that don’t know the language, don’t have a job, and what I’ve been saying is let us catch our breath. Let us get these people into working society, so they’re good examples of the city of Manchester,” he said. “You can’t do that by bringing 300 more refugees on top of that.”

Surprise (not!):  Resettlement contractors don’t communicate with community!

They [Bhutanese/Nepalese] are the most recent wave of refugees to land in New Hampshire. Several thousand African and Middle Eastern refugees – mostly Iraqi, Somali and Sudanese – were resettled there in the first part of the last decade and continue to arrive in much smaller numbers.

During the last session, Gatsas led a failed push pass a bill at the state level giving municipalities the authority to enact a one-year moratorium on new refugee resettlement. Among the issues he raised at the time was poor communication between the city and the resettlement agency, though he said that relationship has improved.

Look out Nashua!  This is standard operating procedure, when the contractors get blow-back and big problems develop in a community, they simply start new seed communities not far away.

To take some of the pressure off Manchester, close to 50 will be resettled in nearby Nashua.

Contractors are keeping an eye on that other pocket of resistance—Tennessee—where there has been some success in getting the state to re-exert its right to say NO to the federal government.

Saba Berhane, director of the refugee services division with the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, said the mayor’s request is unusual and most resettlement communities welcome refugees, despite occasional challenges. But lawmakers in Tennessee passed legislation limiting resettlement, though a moratorium provision was stricken. Most recently, the legislature there killed a bill to that would have required refugee resettlement organizations to reimburse the state’s costs related to refugees.

Manchester is overloaded! Even the refugees get it!  Why don’t the contractors?

…Bishnu Dahal, 53, said using a translator that the number of refugees is making it hard to find a job and she wouldn’t mind seeing new refugees settle elsewhere. Several others agreed.

Endnote:  We previously wrote about resettlement contractor—Carolyn Benedict-Drew—quoted in this article, here in April.

Pope lectures on Lampedusa

The Pope on Lampedusa yesterday. Photo: Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

Lampedusa is the Italian island that is usually the first bit of land the mostly Muslim illegal aliens come to when leaving North Africa via boat.  Lampedusa and Malta have been plagued for the last few years with the arrival of boat people, some claiming they want asylum—asylum from the turmoil that the US and European countries (including Italy) helped create with their enthusiasm for the Arab Spring and the destabilization of Libya.

Now the Pope unexpectedly arrives on Lampedusa, says Mass and lectures about the “globalization of indifference,”  which is fine, of course, as long as he only exhorts individual Christians to PRIVATE giving (opening their homes and wallets) and does not continue to demand Caesar’s money for the church’s charity.  And, frankly, that is exactly what is happening at least in America as long time readers of RRW know—the political activities of the Catholic Bishops are being funded by you through taxation.

Here is the story from the New York Times:

ROME — Pope Francis traveled on Monday to Lampedusa, the tiny Mediterranean island that has become a gateway to Europe for thousands of desperate asylum seekers and migrants, as well as an unknown number of others who have died during the perilous crossing from North Africa.

It was the pope’s first official trip outside Rome, and he used it to draw attention to a continuing humanitarian problem while chiding the world for its indifference.

“These brothers and sisters of ours were trying to leave difficult situations to find a little serenity and peace…..

Serenity and peace!  Then why do they riot and clash with police on Lampedusa, here is one instance of many!  In that post we quoted a line from The Independent:

Until the recent mass influx of north Africans, Lampedusa was a quiet community that relied on fishing and summer tourism for a living. The endless flow of arrivals and the catastrophic effect this has had on tourism have seen tempers fray.

Gee, not a peep out of the New York Times on the catastrophe for Lampedusa residents.

Not all arrivals are in need of asylum—many are economic migrants not protected by any international law regarding refugees and asylum.  ‘Economic migrant’ is just a fancy phrase to describe illegal aliens.  The NYT continues:

New arrivals on the island, about 75 miles north of Tunisia, are fed and fingerprinted and then separated into three groups: economic migrants, who could be repatriated after their cases are reviewed, and asylum seekers and minors, who after a few days are sent to detention centers on Italy’s mainland.

And here, when the Mayor of Lampedusa calls this a “humanitarian disaster” I don’t think he is talking only about the boat people.  I think he just might mean this is a human tragedy for the Italian people.

While praising volunteer associations, law enforcement officials and residents of the island for the assistance they have provided to the migrants, the pope criticized the “globalization of indifference” that he said was widespread among too many others. We “have forgotten how to cry” for migrants lost at sea and “take care of each other,” the pope said in his homily.  [Maybe Pope Francis could take some of the “refugees” back to Vatican City with him—ed]

Officials in Lampedusa said they hoped the pope’s visit would bring attention to what they saw as a humanitarian disaster.

“This island is the setting of one of the most epochal dramas of our time, but it is ignored,” said Giuseppina Nicolini, the mayor of Lampedusa. “The numbers of those lost at sea are those of a war, but a silent war that no one speaks of, except a few blogs that no one reads.”

Who is silent in the “silent war” (the suffering Italians?) because it surely isn’t the mainstream media that is silent on the plight of the migrants, and what “blogs” is he talking about?

For more on Lampedusa, click here for our complete archive.