Breivik’s message to Norway (Pravda doesn’t mind mentioning it)

Where is the rest of the media?

Earlier this week few media outlets marked the second anniversary of Anders Breivik’s slaughter of mostly children of the political ruling class in Norway reminding us of those iconic monkeys.  But, I see that Pravda isn’t shy about presenting some facts.

Honestly, I think the average westerner, average American (including reporters), can simply not wrap their minds around the demographic fact that Europe will be a Muslim-dominated continent by mid-century if there are no immediate policy-changes regarding refugees and immigration generally.

Here are several snips from the Pravda piece on the anniversary of Breivik’s “message.”  The article is worth reading in its entirety.

Two years have passed since the dreadful massacre in Norway by an ultra-right activist Anders Breivik. The tragedy has highlighted the fact that the country’s authorities have failed to solve the problem of immigrants, especially Muslims. Inaction of the authorities largely provoked the heinous crime whose victims were mostly Norwegians.


The most unpleasant fact for the Norwegian authorities is that many citizens of the kingdom, while finding Breivik’s actions unacceptable, partially agree with some of his ideas. In the 2009 elections, the ultra-right Progress Party won the second place with 23 percent of the vote, demanding to ban Muslim immigration and restrict immigration altogether. Norwegian Muslims from the local Center for Combating Racism complained that after Breivik’s crime the attitude towards them has only worsened.

Can you imagine a paragraph like this one in any major publication in the West?

Norwegian official statistics says that the unemployment rate among immigrants from Asia and Africa exceeds nine percent, while among the indigenous Norwegians it is four times lower. Why would they work? Unemployment benefits amount to a thousand dollars a month, child benefits are even larger. They can live, breed, and the government will pay. As a result, indigenous Norwegian taxpayers have been maintaining a number of immigrant slackers for decades.

Breivik predicted that in ten years Oslo would be Muslim:

Muslim immigrants whose number amounts to approximately 180,000 (over three percent of the population) have even harder time integrating into the local community. 32,000 of them came from Pakistan, 28,000 – from Iraq and Somalia. 16-17 thousand people from Turkey, Iran and Bosnia reside in the country; there are also numerous immigrants from Afghanistan and Kosovo. A significant portion of immigrants from Russia (16,000) are natives of the North Caucasus.

The first mosque in Oslo was erected in 1974, and today there are several of them. Various Muslim organizations operate in the country. As of last year, approximately 40 percent of school children in the capital were children of Muslim families. In 58 of the 136 schools children of immigrants (mostly Muslims) already make up the majority of students. Breivik concluded that in ten years city of Oslo will be Muslim, and many agreed with him.

“We came to change you!”  (Iraqi Kurd now in prison in Norway):

An Iraqi Kurd nicknamed Mullah Krekar has been living in Norway for over 20 years. “We came to change you. Look at the population growth in Europe where the number of Muslims is growing like a mosquito swarm. In 2050, 30 percent of the population in Europe will be Muslim,” he said.

Here comes my nag!  Don’t forget to read about Al-Hijra.  The Islamic Doctrine of jihad by immigration (and how we deal with it) is, in my view, a more significant factor in the future of the West than any terrorist attacks or upheavals in the Middle East making headlines today.