Iraq won’t take back failed asylum seekers from the Netherlands…

…..but maybe for $10,000 a person they will.

“Refugee” camps on the streets of Amsterdam. Will this happen to America one day? Photo: ‘bloggers without borders.’

I’m telling you, it would be cheaper in the end for Holland to just pay each of the failed asylum seekers (and the Iraqi government) to get them out of tents and off the streets in the Netherlands and back to Iraq.  Same goes for Malta and the Somalis!

Here is the short story at Dutch News:

Iraq will not help the government in its efforts to deport Iraq nationals who have failed to become officially recognised as asylum seekers, junior justice minister Fred Teeven told Nos television.

Teeven has just returned from a visit to Iraq, but the country is refusing to accept failed asylum seekers who are being deported against their will, Teeven said. Only Iraqi nationals who volunteer to go back are accepted.


The group of failed refugees who have been living in tents and former churches in the Netherlands include many Iraqis. They cannot be deported because they don’t have the proper paperwork but are not entitled to official accommodation from the Dutch state.

Teeven’s predecessor Gerd Leers offered Iraq €5m in development aid to accept deportees but Iraq demanded $10,000 per person instead, Nos said.

It will ultimately cost the Netherlands more than $10,000 per person to house and feed the jobless migrants.

By the way, we reported the other day that Australia was having the same problem with Iranians they wish to deport—Iran doesn’t want them back.

UN: Tens of thousands of Somalis have gone HOME, 60,000 more welcome right now!

A day at the beach in Mogadishu! Finally showing some gumption, Somalis have returned to take their country back from the Islamic terrorists—al-Shabaab. UN Photo

UN:  A moment of hope for Somalia!

In light of our recent stories from Malta, why should Malta have to put up with Somalis arriving by the boatload from Libya?

They need to go home to Somalia and fight to keep their own country and re-build it! Not go on welfare in Europe and America!

And, why is the US still resettling thousands of Somalis to America this year alone? (4,921 as of May 31st)  It is insanity straight up!

From News24/Africa:

Nairobi – Tens of thousands of Somali refugees have returned home as security in their homeland has improved, the United Nations said on Wednesday, saying it would support a further 60 000 refugees who are ready to go back.


At least 20 000 Somalis have returned from neighbouring countries this year, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said, although it warned that some returns may be temporary. The UNHCR has also helped more than 16 000 internally displaced Somalis get home this year.


“This is a moment of hope for Somalia,” UNHCR head Antonio Guterres said.

So how about my suggestion, here, to Malta and the EU, buy them plane tickets and give them some seed money and fly them to Mogadishu!  Or, would that make too much sense?  LOL! Can you just see the NGOs squawking over that idea!

US readers, you must tell your elected officials to tell the US State Department to turn off the Somali spigot!

EU Court of Human Rights says NO to “push-back” plan in Malta

Update July 16th:  Catholic Ireland takes ten Somalis from Malta, here.  It’s a good thing the EU is stepping up.  This is not America’s problem.

You knew this would happen.  The government of Malta would not be able to send a message to the thousands waiting in North Africa to board boats and make a run at Italy and Malta.  Don’t try it, you will be returned to Africa is message needed now.

This, below from Voice of America, is an update to my post yesterday.  If you are a new reader here at RRW we follow Malta’s illegal alien troubles closely (and have for over 5 years) because the US State Department has been bringing some of those African migrants to the US in a perversion of international refugee law.

Jesuit Refugee Services—a leader of the pack?

I feel for Malta and the Maltese people because they are a tiny country overloaded with not just illegal aliens, but apparently a large and noisy group of NGOs sucking off government funds (EU tax payer money too) just as the US refugee contractors do in America.  Those Europeans opposing the cultural annihilation of Europe do not have the resources to battle the human rights industrial complex in the media.

Voice of America:

LONDON — Malta has been forced to cancel the forced return of dozens of Somali migrants to Libya, after an emergency ruling by the European Court of Human Rights. The EU has criticized the attempted repatriation, but Malta has accused its European partners of a lack of solidarity. It comes after the Pope visited an Italian island earlier this week that’s received thousands of migrants.


Maltese authorities had intended to send two planes back to Libya carrying 45 Somali migrants who had arrived Tuesday.  But the European Court of Human Rights issued a ruling banning the repatriations.

The migrants must be given the chance to apply for asylum, says Katrine Camilleri, a Maltese lawyer from the Jesuit Refugee Service.*


Authorities say more than 400 migrants have arrived on the island in the past week, including babies, pregnant women and three men with gunshot wounds. Most are Eritrean or Somali.


Malta has accused the European Union of a lack of solidarity in failing to help with the refugee influx.

The United Nations says around 8,400 refugees have landed in Italy and Malta so far this year – double the number in the same period last year.

The article goes on to gush about the Pope going to Lampedusa here to put a guilt-trip on the world.  Update:  Maybe Pope should stay home and continue cleaning up child abuse in the Vatican!

Learn more here about the Jesuit Refugee Services which is getting EU funds to give “vulnerable” refugees “psychosocial” support.  How about the members of the EU taking some of the needy migrants to their countries and give them their psychosocial support there—in London, Paris and Berlin?

*How many “refugees” has Ms. Katrine Camilleri welcomed to live in her home?  Does anyone know?

Click here for an archive going back more than five years on the Maltese mess—a mess the US helped to make by offering free tickets to America for some of the African illegal migrants.

Be sure to see this story about an Italian diplomat and UN workers being arrested for trafficking Somalis between Libya and Malta—guess the business is back up and running!