Iraq won’t take back failed asylum seekers from the Netherlands…

…..but maybe for $10,000 a person they will.

“Refugee” camps on the streets of Amsterdam. Will this happen to America one day? Photo: ‘bloggers without borders.’

I’m telling you, it would be cheaper in the end for Holland to just pay each of the failed asylum seekers (and the Iraqi government) to get them out of tents and off the streets in the Netherlands and back to Iraq.  Same goes for Malta and the Somalis!

Here is the short story at Dutch News:

Iraq will not help the government in its efforts to deport Iraq nationals who have failed to become officially recognised as asylum seekers, junior justice minister Fred Teeven told Nos television.

Teeven has just returned from a visit to Iraq, but the country is refusing to accept failed asylum seekers who are being deported against their will, Teeven said. Only Iraqi nationals who volunteer to go back are accepted.


The group of failed refugees who have been living in tents and former churches in the Netherlands include many Iraqis. They cannot be deported because they don’t have the proper paperwork but are not entitled to official accommodation from the Dutch state.

Teeven’s predecessor Gerd Leers offered Iraq €5m in development aid to accept deportees but Iraq demanded $10,000 per person instead, Nos said.

It will ultimately cost the Netherlands more than $10,000 per person to house and feed the jobless migrants.

By the way, we reported the other day that Australia was having the same problem with Iranians they wish to deport—Iran doesn’t want them back.

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