UN: Tens of thousands of Somalis have gone HOME, 60,000 more welcome right now!

A day at the beach in Mogadishu! Finally showing some gumption, Somalis have returned to take their country back from the Islamic terrorists—al-Shabaab. UN Photo

UN:  A moment of hope for Somalia!

In light of our recent stories from Malta, why should Malta have to put up with Somalis arriving by the boatload from Libya?

They need to go home to Somalia and fight to keep their own country and re-build it! Not go on welfare in Europe and America!

And, why is the US still resettling thousands of Somalis to America this year alone? (4,921 as of May 31st)  It is insanity straight up!

From News24/Africa:

Nairobi – Tens of thousands of Somali refugees have returned home as security in their homeland has improved, the United Nations said on Wednesday, saying it would support a further 60 000 refugees who are ready to go back.


At least 20 000 Somalis have returned from neighbouring countries this year, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said, although it warned that some returns may be temporary. The UNHCR has also helped more than 16 000 internally displaced Somalis get home this year.


“This is a moment of hope for Somalia,” UNHCR head Antonio Guterres said.

So how about my suggestion, here, to Malta and the EU, buy them plane tickets and give them some seed money and fly them to Mogadishu!  Or, would that make too much sense?  LOL! Can you just see the NGOs squawking over that idea!

US readers, you must tell your elected officials to tell the US State Department to turn off the Somali spigot!

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