Tom Negri and ‘Welcoming America’ are planning to “change” Cleveland starting tonight

Negri, formerly the manager of the Loews Vanderbilt Hotel in Nashville is credited with changing Nashville from the Bible-belt mecca of Country Music into a community that welcomes Muslim diversity and low-skilled immigrant laborers (needed in the hotel industry!).   It amazes me how the media builds a myth around the politically-correct concept that everything is sweetness and light when a city becomes as diverse as Nashville.

Tom Negri, the man behind the growing Muslim population of Nashville. Photo Nashville Scene.

Here is a glowing tribute to Negri’s role in bringing Somalis, Kurds and others to Nashville.  But, here is one thing that isn’t mentioned in the tribute—Negri is opposed to free speech.  In 2009 I was registered to attend a conference about political Islam at the Loews Vanderbilt hotel and just days before the conference, then hotel manager Negri broke the contract with organizers.

He apparently couldn’t abide the idea that people might meet in his hotel with a point of view different from his.  Or, did he bow to pressure from the increasingly powerful Islamists in Nashville?   The conference went on in a pleasant welcoming hotel elsewhere in the city.

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As we told you just last month, Negri is on the board of the propaganda outfit—Welcoming America.

Tonight ‘Welcoming America’ plans to begin changing Cleveland—bring in the immigrants to save the city!

From the Plain Dealer:

“They’ve been great for our community,” said Tom Negri, a Nashville business leader. “It just took a while for people to realize that.”

The group that helped convince middle Tennessee that new Americans represented progress is about to embrace a new challenge. Welcoming America is bringing its message to Cleveland, a city that has not witnessed an immigrant stream in 50 years.

Its top executives will be in town this week to join discussions and strategy sessions designed to foster a “welcome world” attitude on Ohio’s north coast.

‘Welcome to Shelbyville’—that damn film again!

David Lubell, the founder and executive director of Welcoming America, will address an audience Tuesday night at MetroHealth Medical Center and join a panel discussion that follows the screening of “Welcome to Shelbyville,” a documentary about cultural change in a small Tennessee town.

For new readers, we have traced the development of that propaganda film—‘Welcome to Shelbyville’—from the arrival of the Leftwing-funded filming team in Somali-disrupted Shelbyville, TN five years ago.  This is what I said, here,  in 2008:

Shelbyville BeWare BeCause, they are using your town!   They will gloss over the tensions and problems of the Tyson’s African employees and then show what great work the TIRRC and the Somali Community Center are doing to bring you all together in harmonious unity.  This is a politically motivated campaign.  Your film, your town, will then be used to shame other towns into silence.

Here is our archive of dozens of posts in which that propaganda film is mentioned. If you read nothing else, be sure to read this post on the truth about the film.  My prediction of 2008, that the film would be used to “shame” communities has turned out to be accurate!

Back to Cleveland and community organizers ‘Welcoming America’ getting ready to target Cleveland tonight:

Training sessions on Wednesday could mark the first step toward Cleveland or Cuyahoga County or both joining the growing roster of “welcoming communities.” These are cities and counties that welcome immigrants with official proclamations and then work to assimilate them, making it more likely that immigrants will come to stay.

“It takes time for different sectors of the community to come around to this,” said Lubell, a Philadelphia native recognized nationally as a leader in immigrant welcome efforts. “We’re not in a rush. We want to meet the community where it is and help get them to a new place of greater prosperity.”

Cleveland readers must go out to this event tonight!

Representatives of ethnic communities have been invited to Tuesday’s reception, which begins at 5:30 p.m. in MetroHealth’s Rammelkamp Atrium and is open to the public.

Academic: We will have to find new territory to move whole populations of climate refugees….

….and to insist they have “collective governance” to maintain their cultures.

Professor Shuppert of Queens University Belfast. Maybe he could bring a few climate refugees to his home? Photo from his facebook page.

I can’t believe that anyone is spending time writing an academic paper like this one based on the phoney climate change (first called global warming!) science.  Professor Fabian Shuppert of Queens University Belfast is doing just that.

Haven’t people moved throughout time based on changes in climate and changing environmental factors?  Seems like one big fat excuse for the ‘great minds’ to re-order world governance to me.

His treatise reads like a Socialist wet dream!

You can read his entire 22-page draft, here,  but below are just a few snippets to pique your interest.

It is titled: Governing climate refugees: Self-determination, cultural integrity and finding new territory.  He is talking about moving whole Nations!


Global climate change is going to lead to the displacement of millions of human beings.


The aim of this paper is to focus on a particularly drastic and challenging case of climate refugees, namely the forced migration of a complete nation, and to present a possible governance solution, which plays off both ethical and political considerations.

 The question I want to focus on is if the people of an entire nation have to relocate,where should they go and on the basis of which rights? In so doing, the paper hopes to offer a somewhat realistic picture of how the international community with its diverse array of political, economic and ethical viewpoints might react to the complex challenge of governing entire collectives of climate refugees.


The paper is divided into three sections. Section one sets out the preliminaries by explaining what kind of migrants the paper talks about and why the case of entire collectives needing a new place to live is a particularly interesting and challenging one,the solution to which might also help in devising appropriate governance in response to other cases of climate refugees. Section two takes a look at different rights all climate refugees might have, such as the right to (individual) free movement and the right to collective self-determination, arguing that future climate refugee governance should be based on collective rights, in conjunction with the protection of every refugee’s individual basic human rights.

Section three offers an account of a possible response to the problem set out in section one in light of the rights discussed in section two, while taking the issue of political interests into account. While the projected solution might not satisfy ideal ethical theory it hopefully offers a convincing account of a rights-based response in a non-ideal world.

So where do we move them?  Shuppert says there is lots of unused land, we must just convince the owners to “hand it over” to the refugees!

Finding territory in general is actually not such a big problem. While there is hardly any un-owned land, there certainly exists plenty of land on which nobody lives and which thus could theoretically be used as a new home for climate refugees. However, the task of finding uninhabited land which is good enough in order to sustain its new population, with the necessary features to satisfy the cultural life world condition is much more difficult. Moreover, and that seems to be possibly the largest obstacle, the current owner of the land would still have to agree to hand over the territory to the climate refugees.

Hey, good luck with that!  Come to think of it, there is a lot of unused land in Saudi Arabia!

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