US Conference of Catholic Bishops says it’s time to bring in the Syrians

This (below) is a press release from the Bishops on World Refugee Day which I hadn’t seen until I saw a short news account of it at Catholic World News earlier today.

USCCB Press Release.  I have to laugh, they sure work in one of their favorite buzz words—vulnerable—but not a word about vulnerable CHRISTIANS!  And, never a peep about how they are paid by the head to bring in the “vulnerable” Muslims.  See our recent post on the USCCB and its unholy dependence on Caesar’s money!

Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, leading his immigrant flock on facebook?

And, go here to learn more about Syrian refugees—-the most difficult in the world!

WASHINGTON—Archbishop José H. Gomez of Los Angeles, chairman of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops’ (USCCB) Committee on Migration, marked June 20, World Refugee Day, by calling for U.S. support and resettlement of vulnerable refugee populations across the world, including Syrians fleeing conflict in their country.

“The conflict in Syria is worsening and it is time for the United States and the international community to do more to respond to the needs of Syrians fleeing their country for safety,” Archbishop Gomez said.

Archbishop Gomez added that particularly vulnerable Syrians should be considered for resettlement to the United States and other countries, such as vulnerable women with children, the elderly and disabled, and unaccompanied refugee children.

“Durable solution” (another buzz phrase!) is code for bringing them to America.

“Resettlement to a safe third country should be considered, both to provide the best durable solution for vulnerable Syrians but also to take pressure off of neighboring countries, such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan,” Archbishop Gomez said.   [We gotta take the pressure off those Muslim countries you know!—ed]

To date, the United States has resettled only 24 Syrian refugees.  [I doubt that and we just learned recently that 2,000 are in the pipeline for this year—ed]

Gomez: We need to bring in the Rohingya Muslims too!

Archbishop Gomez referred to other refugee populations worldwide in need of support and possible resettlement, including Rohingya Burmese in Bangladesh, Malaysia and Thailand; Congolese in East and Southern Africa; and Afghans [Muslims too!] who are fleeing to Turkey and other areas of the world. “We have an obligation to help these vulnerable populations,” he said, “including and especially the most vulnerable refugees: unaccompanied minors and those that have become victims of human trafficking.”

“Sadly, there continues to be no shortage of refugees in need of the world’s attention and support,” Archbishop Gomez concluded.”As the world’s leader in protecting refugees, the United States must do more to respond to humanitarian crises in and around Syria and other parts of the globe.”

Did you get the message—they are VULNERABLE?   But, what about the vulnerable Americans who don’t have jobs and are struggling to make ends meet in your town.  And, what about the vulnerable taxpayers who pay for all of this?

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