Is White House “refugee czar” lying low to avoid scrutiny over Benghazi disaster and cover-up

Are they keeping Samantha Power under wraps now so she won’t be tainted by the Libya scandal washing over Washington?  And, why would they do that?

Ever since the Benghazi disaster on September 11th, I’ve wondered where the third member of the “humanitarian vulcans” could be.  And, especially now as it appears increasingly likely that Benghazi could end the political career of US Ambassador Susan Rice and if all goes as it should, Hillary should be out too, I am puzzled by the complete silence on Samantha—the third member of the troika that pushed Obama into his Libyan adventure.

First, who is Samantha Power?

*  Power was born in Ireland and is a protege of George SorosUpdate:  Here is a better link connecting Soros and Power.

*  She is credited with being the brains behind something called R2P (shorthand for the Responsibility to Protect) a doctrine which says a country can (and must) go to war to avert a humanitarian disaster.

* She is married to Cass Sunstein, former “regulatory czar” in the Obama White House and author of a book Glenn Beck highlighted at length entitled “Nudge” and I think its self-evident where he wants to nudge us to!

* Power called Hillary Clinton a “monster” during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

* After Obama was elected he placed Power in the White House National Security Council.

* Interesting to me at the time was that she was tasked with reforming the Refugee Resettlement Program which is really the purview of the State Department.  (Incidentally, she and her task force did nothing other than get more money allocated to refugee contractors).  She was also crowned ‘Iraqi refugee czar’ in the White House.

* In Edward Klein’s book, “The Amateur”, she was quoted as saying she was sick of doing “rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff” like refugee issues.  Here is the quote as reported by Klein:

Among Obama’s foreign policy advisers, Samantha Power, the far-out leftist firebrand, complained that the administration’s cautious, first-dono-harm, approach to the Arab Spring had effectively sidelined her in White House Councils.  She said she’d been relegated to “doing rinky-dink do-gooder stuff,” such as advocating on behalf of beleaguered Christians in Iraq, and no longer had as much access to the President.  She was itching to get back in the fray, and she saw an opportunity in Libya.

* So, she got herself in the catbird seat on Libya and became the architect for our involvement in Libya!  (and what do you know—they produced more refugees!)

Here is a very telling piece posted at Irish Central on March 30th, 2011 entitled:  Samantha Power credits President Obama with Libya uprising.

We helped the rebels in Benghazi!  (Power)

Irish born White House foreign policy specialist Samantha Power said this week she believes President Obama’s two-year international campaign to promote human rights helped trigger the uprising in Libya against Moammar Gadhafi’s rule.

In a speech she gave on Monday at Columbia University Power, currently the director of multilateral affairs at the National Security Council, defended her strong support for the military operation against Gadhafi’s forces.


Power claimed that the president, through a series of speeches he gave in various foreign capitals, had made it easier for other nations to stand with the United States against home grown tyrants.

Power responded to a question on the military operation to impose a no-fly zone, saying that “force can be justified on humanitarian grounds”

To underline her point Power added that the international coalition had acted to protect the rebel-stronghold city of Benghazi because of Gadhafi’s ruthless attacks. [gee, maybe Gadhafi knew something we didn’t know.–ed]


Last week The New York Times revealed that Power, U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had countered reluctant military leaders to persuade president Obama to launch military operations against Gadhafi’s forces, under the guise of protecting civilians.

So, back to my curiosity about where Power is hiding out these days.  She and Sunstein recently had another child so I figured perhaps she was home being mommy.  But, no, here she is with Valerie Jarrett just last week helping to empower women and girls.  What?  Sounds like ‘rinkey-dink’ to me.  I had to laugh when I saw the photo of Power hunched over the computer answering questions from girls, it’s as if she is saying it’s just little ol’ good person me, move along, no Vulcan here.

Why is she lying low on Libya?

Maybe, just maybe, because her fortunes have risen as Hillary’s and Rice’s are declining, and the White House wants to keep her out of the scandal so she is available…...for what?

Power is being mentioned as the next Secretary of State—-ahhhhhhh!

Here is one story, again at Irish Central.

And, check out this list of five potential Secretaries of State in a second Obama Administration!

1) Senator John Kerry

2) Ambassador Susan Rice

3) National Security Adviser Thomas Donilon

4) NSC Official Samantha Power

she is considered a key architect of Obama’s Libya intervention. But remember, some conservatives and Israel proponents don’t like Power because they consider her pro-Palestinian.

5) Rep. Keith Ellison  (the new leader in Congress on all things refugee, here)


Obama and his ruthless “humanitarian” women—Clinton, Rice and Power—must go!

Endnote:  A version of this post was published today at Potomac Tea Party Report.

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