Christian homeschool family denied asylum in New Zealand

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Not politically correct!   Therefore no asylum!

The German education gestapo still might get its hooks into this Christian family.  The homeschooling  family left Germany in 2008 and sought asylum from persecution in New Zealand which has now denied their request.  If deported to Germany their children might be removed from their home.

Thank goodness we haven’t reached this stage in America (yet!).  But, Bill Ayers and his comrades are working on it, here.

From Radio New Zealand:

Gerno and Andrea Schöneich claimed that the teaching of their four children about Darwinism, neo-Marxist critical theory and sex education in school was in conflict with their Christian beliefs.

The children have been homeschooled since arriving in New Zealand in 2008 and since applying for asylum Mr Schöneich has gained a work visa to teach at a Christian school.

The Immigration and Protection Tribunal said there is no international right to homeschooling and the family was not being persecuted.

It said education includes the elimination of ignorance and the improvement of access to scientific and technical knowledge.

The tribunal said there is no international right to homeschooling and the prosecution the family faced for keeping their children away from school did not amount to persecution.

Home Education Foundation national director Barbara Smith says the family could be deported if Mr Schöneich’s work visa is not renewed, and they would then be under threat in Germany of being fined, jailed or having their children removed.

We’ve learned from long experience elsewhere that whites trying to get out of South Africa or Christians seeking protection for their beliefs don’t get the same treatment as “refugees” of the politically-correct sort do.

Minneapolis terror trial reveals background on US citizen Somali who blew himself up in Somalia

I’m so sick of this story and the people involved in it, but to keep our archives up to date, I’ve got to report on the trial of the Somali “youths” who went off for jihad training after we gave them and their families the good life in America.

Remember way back in 2008 we learned that one of the youths blew himself to bits in Somalia and took 29 other human beings with him.  Our FBI kindly, and surely at taxpayer expense, scooped up his body parts and returned them to Minnesota for a funeral.

Now we learn from the on-going trial of a “recruiter” what happened to America’s first Somali suicide bomber.  From  Minnesota Public Radio:

Ahmed said he never made it to the battlefield because he and another Twin Cities recruit, Abdifatah Yusuf Isse, escaped from al-Shabab in 2008 while helping set up a training camp in southern Somalia.

But another Minneapolis man wasn’t so lucky.

Shirwa Ahmed also wanted to leave the camp but was “trapped” by al-Shabab, Salah Ahmed testified. In fact, Shirwa Ahmed — who went by a Somali nickname that roughly translated into “hairy man” for the tufts on his chest — had early doubts about joining the terror group, according to Salah Ahmed.

While he was in Saudi Arabia in 2008 for the Hajj pilgrimage, Shirwa Ahmed called the Minnesota recruits in Somalia by phone, saying he wasn’t going to meet up with them after all, Salah Ahmed told the jury. Shirwa Ahmed said religious scholars in Mecca advised him not to participate in the fighting.

“I think you guys have been tricked,” Salah Ahmed recalled him saying.

But a friend who enlisted with al-Shabab, Khalid Mohamed Abshir, eventually persuaded Shirwa Ahmed to change his mind, Salah Ahmed testified. Shirwa Ahmed reunited with the group at a safe house in southern Somalia and then made it to the training camp.

As Salah Ahmed and Isse were making their escape from al-Shabab, they ran into Shirwa Ahmed in the nearby city of Kismayo. Shirwa Ahmed apparently was on the same page.

“I want to go back to the United States,” Shirwa Ahmed told the men. But his passport was in the hands of al-Shabab leaders in the Somali capital, and he couldn’t return home without it.

“Instead, he went back to Mogadishu, so he was trapped,” Salah Ahmed told the jury. He said the group’s leaders refused to give Shirwa Ahmed his passport and talked him into returning to the camp.

Several months later, in October 2008, Shirwa Ahmed detonated himself in a series of coordinated attacks in northern Somalia that killed dozens of people, according to the FBI.

“He was the last person I ever thought about doing that,” Salah Ahmed testified. “He wanted to come back.”