Swedish mansion purchased to house refugees in small town

Readers here know that large numbers of refugees/asylum seekers from mostly Muslim countries are flowing into benevolent Sweden,* but up until now it has been a problem of the cities.  This story is about the tiny town of Glava where a local mansion has been purchased by a hastily organized ‘business’ to house 200 refugees.

The author of the piece posits that an industry has cropped up around refugee resettlement where what we would call crony capitalists (LOL! I guess in Sweden this should read crony socialists!) have figured out how to make money off the Swedish welfare system—and at the expense of Sweden’s elderly.

Here is the story from Dispatch International (Hat tip: Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum):

Anxiety has been rising in Arvika municipality after it became known a few weeks ago that the old and stately mansion of Björkåsen in tiny Glava would overnight be turned into a settlement for refugees, for as many people as there are inhabitants in the entire village – 200.

On a daily basis, the Swedish people receive confirmation that mass immigration brings about a rapid dismantling of the Swedish welfare state. Hospital waiting lists are long, with patients sleeping in the hallways; support for private associations is being reduced; summer camps and recreation centers will close down and municipalities reduce the number of places in nursing homes, to name just a few examples. Few local politicians admit that people vote with their feet to show their true feelings about forced multiculturalism: They flee.

Local governing council member who is afraid to speak up by name:

In Arvika, a deeply upset member of the city council only agrees to talk to Dispatch International if we ensure that we will not disclose his/her identity.

– We are living in a refugee industry camouflaged by words without substance, about humanitarianism and anti-racism. In essence, it is a corrupt trade with human beings that is being paid for by stolen funds. The evidence for this we can see in burnt-out, ruined cities, and now the problems have also found their way to us in the countryside. It’s accelerating. One procures buildings everywhere and then use allowances from the Swedish Migration Board – the taxpayers’ money – to get repaid in a matter of weeks, giving the owners billions in profits. There’s a word for this: looting!

Another resident:

The idea of importing an entire village of refugees from Iran, Syria, Macedonia, Somalia and Afghanistan is likely to go down in Swedish history as one of the most destructive exploits in living memory, says one of the customers.

The author tells us about the hastily formed business, Clt Care AB, that stands to profit from its arrangements with the Swedish Migration Board in these transactions to house refugees in the Swedish countryside.  Read it all.

There is something positive in this story for us in the US—maybe as we see Sweden’s socialist ‘safety net’ collapse under the weight of mass immigration we can stop the collapse here in America before it’s too late.

* Our archive on Sweden can be found here.