Rohingya Muslim refugees riot, burn Buddhist temples in Bangladesh

Update October 17th:  Buddhist monks demonstrate against Islamic organization coming to Burma, here.

Supposedly the Rohingya “refugees” were angry about a facebook insult ….. ho hum

Here is the latest from Reuters:

(Reuters) – Bangladesh accused Muslim Rohingya refugees from Myanmar on Monday of involvement in attacks on Buddhist temples and homes in the southeast and said the violence was triggered by a photo posted on Facebook that insulted Islam.

Thousands of Muslims went on a rampage in Buddhist areas of Bangladesh near the border on Saturday, setting ablaze more than a dozen temples and monasteries and at least 50 homes. Property was looted, including statues of the Buddha.

“The attacks on temples and houses in Buddhist localities in Ramu and neighboring areas in Cox’s Bazar (district) were perpetrated by radical Islamists,” Home Minister Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir told reporters in Dhaka.

“Rohingyas and political opponents of the government were also involved in the attacks.”

He described the attacks as a “premeditated and deliberate attempt” to disrupt communal harmony.

Remember! Remember! Remember! that it is the Rohingya “refugees” at Cox’s Bazar that have been linked to Islamic terror groups in the past (here is my post from 2008).  And, remember that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops told the State Department in May that they wanted more Rohingya refugees in their federal contracts.

Remember we are already bringing Rohingya refugees to your towns.

And, remember that the US State Department has removed this listing of a Rohingya group from a terrorist watch list.

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