“Group” says Lewiston Mayor should step down

Why?  Because five people standing on a sidewalk said so….  They don’t like what he said!  They want to shut him (and by extension you) up.

Don’t you just love it, they make up a fancy-sounding name—African Diaspora Institute of Maine—and then attempt to get their way by bullying.

For all of their talk about being Americans and being assimilated, I guess these Maine Somali-Americans don’t understand our system of government yet.  We have elections in America—you don’t like your mayor, you replace him next time.

And, last I checked, we still have free speech in America (even Mayors have free speech!)—so far anyway!

Here is the latest news on the Mayor of Lewiston, see our previous post here:

LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A Somali advocacy group is asking Mayor Robert Macdonald to step down, after some controversial remarks he has made recently.

The African Diaspora Institute of Maine held a news conference Monday in front of Lewiston City Hall to respond to Mayor Macdonald’s comments to the BBC that immigrants should leave their culture at the door.

The group was joined by Lewiston High School students, who say they support the city’s Somali population.

“A lot of people, they grow up kind of sheltered to be honest, and when they go out into the world they’re not sure how to handle it” [Huh?—ed] Lewiston High School student Nicholas Burpee said. “A lot of people fear it [fear what?–ed] and that’s where we are today with a lot of these situations like with the mayor.”  [These are the students we are raising in our public school system—get your kids out now!—ed]

Watch the news clip here.   See five guys on a curb demanding that the Mayor resign.

Grand Island, NE

This story reminds me of the attempt by Somalis to pressure the Mayor of Grand Island, NE to resign back in 2008, here, when they didn’t like what she said either.  Could this bullying of Mayors be a cultural trait from the homeland that the Somalis want to hold on to?