So whatever happened to the Obama refugee reform we were promised?

It’s been a while now since the Obama Administration with much fanfare took up the project of “reforming” refugee resettlement.  That was after they took the Iraqi refugee issue away from the State Department and put it in the hands of Samantha Power, head honcho of the National Security Council, in the White House, here.   Ultimately Samantha Power (wife of Obama regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein) was tasked with reforming the whole refugee program, but all they did was throw more money to the contractors, here.  Last June, I gave up on seeing any reform, here.

Samantha Power, one of George Soros’ groupies, was previously on the board of  perhaps the wealthiest, judging by the nearly half million dollar salary and compensation of its CEO, federal contractors—the International Rescue Committee, so it would be no surprise that Obama would pick her to lead a reform effort.  But, none has ever come.

Now I see that Ms.(humanitarian) Power has buried the hatchet with Hillary and has turned into one of three female  hawks in the Obama orbit.  Guess she is too busy advising war (and creating more refugees) to lead any reform of the refugee program.

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