Australia: Iranian, former illegal alien seeks damages for stress while in detention

In the US, they come across our borders by land, but in Australia they come by the boatload as we have reported many times previously (see our Australia category).  They are illegal aliens seeking asylum status.  Although this article doesn’t say how this particular fellow arrived in Australia, we know he was placed in detention.

Now, however he is free and an Australian citizen yet he is seeking compensation for pain and suffering!  That’s not sitting well with real “victims” advocacy groups.

From the Herald Sun:

AN Iranian refugee who was detained after arriving in Australia has launched legal action for pain and suffering.

Siavash Mossavian, 32, spent four years and five months in detention before being released in April 2005, the Herald Sun reported.

He was granted a temporary protection visa and, later, citizenship.

But he alleges the Government breached its duty to him during his time in detention, resulting in physical, psychological and psychiatric harm.

In documents filed in the Victorian Supreme Court, lawyers for Mr Mossavian say these injuries include post-traumatic stress disorder, a major depressive disorder, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, and pain and suffering.

“….they throw dirt in our faces.”

Crime Victims Support Association president Noel McNamara said people who suffered a total disability as a result of crime were not adequately compensated, and it was ridiculous that someone should seek damages over their time in a detention centre.

“It’s a great cheek. We have a habit of pandering to these people,” he said.

“We welcome them, do the best we can by them, and they throw dirt in our faces.”

We are infidels after all.

Endnote:  Be sure to see the related story where “refugees” set fire to the detention center on Christmas Island, here.

Arab American News: Congressman seeking reform of the Refugee Program

I saw the news today about Congressman Gary Peters of Michigan having introduced a “reform” the Refugee Act bill at The Arab American News:

WASHINGTON - Congressman Gary Peters has announced a bill to reform the Refugee Act on its 31st anniversary. The Refugee Act helps assist political, ethnic and religious refugees around the world.

The system that distributes funds for refugees is out of date and inefficient according to a report released by Peter’s office. Refugee advocates have praised Peter’s legislation as an enormous step forward. In 2009 more than 2,300 Iraqi refugees were resettled in Michigan. Earlier this week Peters sent a letter to his colleagues in Congress urging them to support the new bill.

A little checking around produced not much.  I didn’t even see mention of it at the Congressman’s website.

I checked but I gotta say that is the most confusing website I think I’ve ever seen, and couldn’t find anything there.

The best information I found was at Friends of Refugees and that just confirmed that Christopher Coen too couldn’t find much about it—calling it a “mysterious bill.”

Church World Service (one of the top federal contractors, don’t be mislead by that label Voluntary Agencies!) put out a press release on it (here).  For new readers, if they like it, it means there will be more bucks flowing their way.


And the nerve of anyone  proposing to give the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) greater power to distribute your tax dollars when they are now over 3 years behind in producing their LEGALLY MANDATED annual report to Congress, see here (for background go here).   I think I will call Congressman Peter’s office tomorrow and discuss the lack of any annual reporting throughout the entire period of our economic recession.  Maybe the good Congressman can help figure out what the ORR hiding?

I repeat!  Before anyone proposes giving ORR more freedom to spend (your) money, how about we first find out how its been spent over the last three years!  ORR release the last three annual reports to Congress!