White House’s Power: “doing rinkey-dink do-gooder stuff”

But, would rather be making war!

Have any of you read the New York Times bestseller on President Obama by Edward Klein entitled, The Amateur?   I haven’t finished it yet but I almost fell out of bed recently when I read the chapter on White House Iraqi Refugee Czar Samantha Power.   Longtime readers may recall that I noted that Ms. Power (Mrs. Cass Sunstein), Susan Rice at the UN, and Hillary* were largely responsible for our engagement in the Arab Spring excellent-extended-adventure in Libya.  I called them Macbeth’s weird sisters in that post.

Klein confirms the role of the three in helping advance the further Islamification of Libya and quotes a White House source who calls the three the “humanitarian Vulcans.”

The gist of Power’s foreign policy (when to make war) theory is that war is o.k. for America when it is conducted to “protect” people.   She calls it the “Responsibility to Protect” described here by Stanley Kurtz; and the warmongers on the Left even have a shorthand way of referring to her doctrine as R2P.  Of course the situation in Syria and Obama’s lack of enthusiasm to protect Syrians comes immediately to mind, but that is a story for another day.

Back to Power, when European countries decided to jump into the Libyan civil war on the side of the rebels apparently Obama was reluctant to get involved, but, according to Klein, Power was itching for a fight and wanted to put her R2P to a test.   Readers here at RRW know how that turned out—tens of thousand of new refugees fled Libya into neighboring countries or tried to cross the Mediterranean resulting in even more people to protect (or is that the plan?).

As you read what Klein says be sure to remember that Power is the so-called Iraqi Refugee Czar in the White House National Security Council and that she was given the job of reforming the refugee program (which we hear nothing about these days).  Too “rinkey-dink” for Mrs. Cass Sunstein?   (Emphasis below is mine).


Among Obama’s foreign policy advisers, Samantha Power, the far-out leftist firebrand, complained that the administration’s cautious, first-dono-harm, approach to the Arab Spring had effectively sidelined her in White House Councils.  She said she’d been relegated to “doing rinky-dink do-gooder stuff,” such as advocating on behalf of beleaguered Christians in Iraq, and no longer had as much access to the President.  She was itching to get back in the fray, and she saw an opportunity in Libya.

Let me repeat that!

She said she’d been relegated to “doing rinky-dink do-gooder stuff,” such as advocating on behalf of beleaguered Christians in Iraq.

In fact she would like to do more big stuff, nothing “rinky-dink,” like maybe invade Israel as some believe she is advocating in this clip.

* Power called Hillary a “monster” during the 2008 Presidential campaign and resigned from the Obama team (for awhile).

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